I am being targeted because I say the MQM is behind the Mohajir Sooba Tehreek: Marvi

Rehman Malik’s allegations were “so ludicrous they were not worth commenting on”.

Our Correspondent May 23, 2012


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Marvi Memon has alleged that the “same people are responsible for the events of May 22 who were behind those on May 12, 2007”.

She has also alleged that the “MQM is behind the Mohajir Sooba Tehreek”, and believes that she is being targeted because she is making this claim.

According to Memon, she was at the rally to represent the PML-N after having accepted an invitation from Ayaz Palijo. “The PML-N supports the two issues the rally was for – condemning the deaths of innocent people in Lyari and condemning the division of Sindh.”

Memon took PML-N Sindh president Ghous Ali Shah into confidence and he had endorsed the issues. She was representing the PML-N at the rally with the party’s provincial youth wing president and a handful of workers.

As far as allegations against her being responsible for Tuesday’s events are concerned, Memon said the MQM had targeted her for naming them as being behind the Mohajir Sooba Tehreek, and Rehman Malik’s allegations were “so ludicrous they were not worth commenting on”.

“The government talks against [the billboards and graffiti] but has not been able to remove [them]. They are in cahoots with the MQM. Or they are not in charge. That means the MQM is in charge.”

Memon recounted the events of Tuesday. The PML-N contingent first went to Ibrahim aka Cheel Chowk where they were told that the rally would start from Uzair Baloch’s residence.

The rally took off, and appeared to be divided into two – a large group of people from Lyari, including women, and the workers of the Awami Tehreek. When they moved towards MA Jinnah Road, the people at the back of the rally came under fire.

Memon’s driver escaped the attack but her jeep was hit by bullets. At this point, they decided to stop at Denso Hall and wait for the rest of the rally to catch up but she believes this is when they were caught in the crossfire and were targeted by attackers in buildings.

She says when the remaining people caught up with the rally – most had left because of the panic –they moved forward to II Chundrigar Road. Memon was then called by the PML-N to attend an emergency meeting to recount what had transpired, and so she left and the party had its own press conference.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 24th, 2012.


Ali | 9 years ago | Reply

@Salman Orangiwala

what are you waiting for? try for this one too. That's what you and your ancestors have done though out the history. Get in the scene, grab the booty, destroy the locals, occupy the land by crook and then leave for the next destination. SEA IS WAITING! YOUR NEXT DESTINATION !!

Irshad Khan | 9 years ago | Reply

22nd May, the Tuesday, was a full working day. On that day rally was organised from a place which has been very difficult to control by law enforcing agencies. Route of the rally was highly congested, thickly populated, Centre of Bank`s head offices, and also business/commercial/whole-sale market hub not only of Karachi but the whole Pakistan. Was it not a mischievous and planned act of a great sabotage? All who organised should have been arrested and taken to the task. Marvi Memon fell to the pray of crook and corrupt politicians, Ghous Ali Shah/Nawaz Shareef. To participate in such a rally was not the status of Marvi Memon.

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