Nato Supply Route: Gains won’t last, says ex-envoy

'There are elements in Pakistani society who don’t allow honest and realistic debate about our foreign policy.'

News Desk May 19, 2012

Former ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani said on Thursday that any advantages Pakistan might gain from the Nato supply routes will not last forever.

“They (US) need Pakistan to withdraw with their heavy equipment (from Afghanistan). But in a worst case scenario, they can just blow it up and get out through other means,” he told CNN in an interview. Haqqani also lamented the direction of Pakistan’s current foreign policy.

“There are elements in Pakistani society who don’t allow honest and realistic debate about our foreign policy… (They) just want to blame our neighbours, our enemies.”

Published in The Express Tribune, May 19th, 2012.


Hammad | 9 years ago | Reply

Hussain Haqqani gave up his job and traveled to Pakistan under adverse conditions to testify — and it didn’t buy him anything from the rabid people who hate anything associated with America. I don’t blame him a bit for not going back – his arguments that the environment in Pakistan puts his life at risk is reasonable. Even after quitting his job Haqqani seems to do a better job presenting Pakistan’s position than your current Ambassador — reminds me a bit of Bhutto who also does a decent job of articulating Pakistan’s position. Go figure.

Junaid | 9 years ago | Reply

It is ironic that Hussain Haqqani who shamelessly pleaded Pakistan’s case in the US especially after OBL was found in Abbottabad Base. The rightwing hate groups hated him even then and they still hate him when once again Hussain Haqqani is coming out with lame excuses to support Pakistan’s weak position. Hussain Haqqani is branded traitor by his opponents even before the PCO SC, and three HC CJ facades is concluded. The rightwing verdict is out against HH before the courts. At the same time Mansoor Ijaz has been treated as if he is a Pakistani hero, despite his long record of spitting venom against Pakistan, army, and ISI all these years. MI’s allegations that the army and ISI were planning to overthrow the elected Govt after OBL’s death, were never refuted or investigated. He is a liar in every other sense except when he went against the current govt.

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