Kalabagh and the floods (II)

This is with reference to a report in your newspaper “With consensus, government can go ahead with Kalabagh: PM”.

August 11, 2010

KARACHI: This is with reference to a report in your newspaper “With consensus, government can go ahead with Kalabagh: PM”. (August 10). Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has claimed that "had the Kalabagh dam existed, it would have saved us from the havoc of floods". Obviously, he has joined other political leaders like Chaudhry Shujaat, Salmaan Taseer and others without considering the ground facts.

Idrees Rajput, former secretary of the Sindh irrigation department, recently said that dams only have a “nominal capacity” to collect flood water and that they are filled up in Pakistan before the summer rains. Dams like Kalabagh cannot collect flood water due to technical reasons.

Gilani has given the impression that only the Kalabagh Dam could have saved the destruction caused by recent floods. This is wrong and it is tantamount to rubbing salt into the injuries of Sindhis, Baloch and Pakhtuns as three out of four assemblies have passed around 10 resolutions against the controversial dam. This year a super flood has come after 34 years and it would not have been possible for Kalabagh Dam to absorb all this water. If it was possible, why do floods cause destruction in the US, Europe, and Asian countries despite the fact that they have dams there?

Published in The Express Tribune, August 11th, 2010.


M.AKRAM NIAZI | 11 years ago | Reply Government of Punjab has chronically failed in protecting the rights of people of Punjab. Which is evident from the fact that it has not made any efforts for the construction of Kalabagh Dam while Govt of Sind is very proactive even in wasting the water of river Indus in Arabian sea.If Punjab govt can not protect the rights of people living alongside river Indus,it will BE better to separate out those areas from Punjab,so that those people can protect their rights themselves. From NFC award it is evident that Punjab Govt has sacrificed the rights of people just for pleasing those who always hate punjab. Moreover Punjab Govt has not raised any concern about the suffering of people of Punjab in Baluchistan,Karachi and Sind. Thar coal project will have adverse effects on each and every living organism,atmosphere,enviroment in Punjab but Punjab Govt foolish leaders has not shown any concern about that project. Due to incompetent Punjab Government , situation has so much deteriorated that other provinces which are very vocal about Provincial autonomy are interfering in the affairs of Punjab by violating provincial autonomy of Punjab , for example Sindh Province Government and Assembly has started to give suggestions to Punjab that which Canal should be kept opened or closed, which Dam (hydrel project ) should be constructed or not, and which land of Punjab should be cultivated or not, while Punjab Government is completely silent about such interference, while Sindh Government is busy in wasting River Indus water in Arabian sea which is a sin and crime against humanity but Punjab government is making no objection about such wastage. Politicians of other provinces want to make Punjab a crippled province but foolish government of Punjab is not able to comprehend that, a sick ,crippled punjab wil be a liability and not an asset for Pakistan. Allowing and accepting wastage of River Indus water in sea in 1991 by Province of Sindh is a fatal and non forgivable crime of Punjab Government. Accepting wastage of River water in sea is like accepting wastage of wheat,rice,sugar and cotton in the sea.
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