We will ensure government implements SC orders: Nawaz

PML-N's protest movement against Gilani reached Shikarpur.

Ema Anis May 15, 2012

Nawaz Sharif, the chief of Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N), stated that his party will not tolerate any leniency regarding the implementation of the Supreme Court’s order in the prime minister contempt case.

The party was holding a rally in Shikarpur on Tuesday as part of a protest movement against Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani.

“This is my short agenda. This is my party’s agenda for Pakistan. Will you stand by our side?” Nawaz asked participants while addressing the rally.

“See what’s happening in the country today. The Supreme Court’s order is not being implemented, contempt of court is being committed, and people are still sticking to their posts… But Pakistani people are awake, and whoever is asleep: Wake up!” Nawaz added.

Nawaz further vowed that if he gets a chance he will serve the country in a way that the history will remember it.


Somia | 9 years ago | Reply In most democratic countries including Pakistan the parliament is supreme because it is the will of the people. The elected speaker of the elected NA has done her job and made a clear decision compared to the hazy and confusing verdicts of the SC. Let us learn to live with that and respect the parliament. Only today, the Philippines senate has impeached the SC CJ for not fully disclosing his wealth. Let us not forget no matter what anybody says the parliament is supreme. Mian brothers and Khan are trying to betray constitution and democratic norms.
Hamza | 9 years ago | Reply

Islamabad High Court has also observed that the Supreme Court verdict has not disqualified the PM. In the backdrop of all this, the insistence by the PML-N that the PM has ceased to hold that position is untenable. The PML-N is alone in this; a section of the media sympathetic to their cause and hostile to the present government has also joined this shameful exercise. Nobody would begrudge the legitimate right of the opposition to grill the government on issues of national importance but it is certainly not desirable to pull the rug from under the PM’s feet with the PM embarking on a foreign visit. Such summit level interactions are never meaningless as they invariably help to create better understanding and enhance bilateral cooperation between the countries involved besides affording opportunity for exchanging views on matters of global importance. They also help in resolving issues which cannot be tackled through normal diplomatic channels.

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