US military taught future leaders 'total war' against Islam: Report

Published: May 11, 2012
Pentagon confirms course material; Gen Dempsey calls for an enquiry, terms course as 'objectionable'. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

Pentagon confirms course material; Gen Dempsey calls for an enquiry, terms course as 'objectionable'. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

While calling for an investigation against a course about Islam taught at one of United States’ top military schools, US military’s top officer, General Martin Dempsey has called it “totally objectionable”, BBC reported Friday.

The news was broken by Wired, which had said that the US military was teaching its “future leaders” that a “total war” was needed to counter the 1.4 billion Muslims around the world in order to protect US from Islamic terrorists.

The course further taught that there was no concept of “moderate Islam” and that the whole religion should be considered an enemy.

While campaigning for a “total war” against all the world’s Muslims, the course further taught about possible nuclear attacks on the holy cities of Makkah and Medina.

The Pentagon confirmed the course material found on the website and is expecting that the investigation report will be compiled by the end of this month.

The investigation aims to find out why such a course was a part of the curriculum at the Defense Department’s Joint Forces Staff College.

General Dempsey said that the course was “counter to our values of appreciation for religious freedom and cultural awareness” and “just objectionable, academically irresponsible”

The issue surfaced when one of the officers who had attended the course had complained.

The US military officer, who delivered the lectures, Army Lieutenant Colonel Matthew A Dooley, was suspended from teaching at the college, however, he wasn’t fired.

The officers who attended Dooley’s lectures, listening to the inciting course, have now moved into higher-level assignments throughout the US military.


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  • anwar
    May 11, 2012 - 9:51AM

    So what else is new?


  • LOL
    May 11, 2012 - 9:51AM

    Where are the anti ” conspiracy theorists” these days?


  • faraz
    May 11, 2012 - 9:51AM

    Islam was quite moderate before US’ close ally Saudi Arab started dumping petrodollars all over the world to counter Communism through extremism


  • Hassan
    May 11, 2012 - 9:54AM

    And they call muslims terrorists and blame them for conspiring against US.


  • mani
    May 11, 2012 - 9:58AM

    and then they ask us why we hate usa


  • Afridi
    May 11, 2012 - 10:02AM

    wow US congrats for revealing the truth indeed… i think US should be declared as the global terrorist country against humanity .. shame shame


  • pakistani
    May 11, 2012 - 10:03AM

    hahahahha…total war..bring it on..


  • May 11, 2012 - 10:06AM

    eager for the responses of liberals


  • khan of quetta
    May 11, 2012 - 10:13AM

    no surprise they hate muslims


  • bob
    May 11, 2012 - 10:13AM

    this is outrageous.. and BTW in professional institutions like these , no one can add or subtract any thing from the curriculum without the prior approval of the commandant etc.. this means that they all r into it – leaving a few…and this is all a face saving stunt because the thing got out in the public…
    They r and will remain the No.1 enemy of Islam and we shud accept this fact by now.. and at the sametime it is our belief in the Supremacy of Islam – that will help us overcome these difficult times…May Allah provide us strength and guidance…


  • Hindustan Ki Shakti
    May 11, 2012 - 10:13AM

    This is unjust on Part of US Military.
    But This is warning for the muslim world to turn into moderate as extremists are causing discomfort to entire non muslim world.


  • Azmat Ali
    May 11, 2012 - 10:14AM

    They are against Islam but They Can’t Stop Islam.
    We have to change ourselves according to True Islamic Thoughts to counter all Anti Islam forces and change our this world and hereafter.


  • Light
    May 11, 2012 - 10:14AM

    Where are Roshan Khayals :D


  • omer
    May 11, 2012 - 10:16AM

    and then people say we are extremists, whats the difference between those muslim terrorists and these highly developed and educated international american terrorist government?


  • Muhammad Umar
    May 11, 2012 - 10:20AM

    How is this different from what our jihadi fighters are taught? infact,this course is very mild compared to what our children are taught about Christians and Jews.


  • Super Star
    May 11, 2012 - 10:21AM

    This adds Fuel to the fire ! Totally irresponsible leak but for some there may be a hint of truth


  • M. A. Changezi
    May 11, 2012 - 10:21AM

    This only gives more reasons to Taliban to attract illiterate youths in Pakistan and across the Muslim world.

    Shame on you US.


  • Omer
    May 11, 2012 - 10:23AM

    Read the contents of those courses at the link below.

    Be careful, inflammatory material. Stay calm if you feel inflamed!

    Remind yourself that this was also by a small set of people not representative of the majority.


  • Asad
    May 11, 2012 - 10:25AM

    USA version of madrassa


  • let there be peace
    May 11, 2012 - 10:31AM

    This is amazing. I don’t know what to say. Americans are funny people.


  • o brother where art thou?
    May 11, 2012 - 10:35AM

    … US version of hate literature??? anyone???


  • Salman Sheikh
    May 11, 2012 - 10:36AM

    Liberals and Moderates are quite today.. :)..


  • Yuri Kondratyuk
    May 11, 2012 - 10:36AM

    There is a difference between a fire safety drill and setting fire to a building. US is just planning for an anticipated threat.


  • May 11, 2012 - 10:37AM

    @LOL: They are busy writing the blog that Al zahwari is in Pakistan and those who don’t believe them, they are ready to call them conspiracy theorist. :)


  • Logic Europe
    May 11, 2012 - 10:39AM

    are they not right in that Muslims are a danger to them, and don’t we need to think what impression of our religion we have made to the world


  • Raw is War
    May 11, 2012 - 10:44AM

    they are not blind like europeans.


  • Total War
    May 11, 2012 - 10:49AM

    Total War? The U.S. economy went bust with two wars, what was they thinking when they taught Total War?


  • vasan
    May 11, 2012 - 10:56AM

    Isnt many scenarios are taught, discussed and debated in colleges ?. But still this is stretching it too far. To some extend, this is brought on by the way Islam is practiced in muslim countries.


  • Err
    May 11, 2012 - 10:58AM

    The WoT was eschewed to single handedly only target Muslims or Muslim countries, but whenever such views were espoused liberals accused us of being conspiracy theorists, and mullah apologists. Sooner or later the reality of the mentality behind this war was going to come out!
    In Norway a right wing extremist guns down 90 children and is labelled lone operater who is mentally challenged. And if a Muslim even grabs a lollipop from a toddler he will be labelled a terrorist!!!


  • A J Khan
    May 11, 2012 - 10:59AM

    What a shame. The founding fathers of USA must be turning in their graves. USA has been taken over by intolerant fundamentalists and extremists.


  • reasonable
    May 11, 2012 - 11:00AM

    It is unacceptable saving grace or Good thing of the western culture is that it was brought out by their own media. And when pointed out they accept their mistakes and try to correct them which in South Asian culture is missing. With South Asians It is always we could never have done that even when confronted with proof we dont accept it we say it is all fabricated some conspiracy etc.


  • Ubaid
    May 11, 2012 - 11:01AM

    I already knew it! 9/11 was a fraud to wage the war on Islam.
    The biggest crime of the 21st century is to be a muslim.Recommend

  • Revolutionary
    May 11, 2012 - 11:23AM

    Now what about those in our Armed Forces who feel proud to attend these “prestigious” US staff colleges and get speedy promotions in our country Pakistan…


  • Very 1
    May 11, 2012 - 11:30AM

    Anybody who teaches they can declare war on 2 billion humans, is disoriented and should first be sent for checkup along with those who approved such a course.


  • junaid
    May 11, 2012 - 11:34AM

    Now this definitely shows that the so called war against terrorism, is a war against MUSLIM UMMAH. These American hypocrites are afraid of us. DIVIDE AND RULE the same strategy of britians…….!!!!


  • Trolling must stop
    May 11, 2012 - 11:39AM

    @ Muhammad Umar:

    This is different because, it is being taught to the first world, literate and moderate human beings. It is being taught to people who have means beyond our imagination to achieve whatever they want.

    Open your eyes and close your mouth. And give your little mind a rest.


  • Basit
    May 11, 2012 - 11:47AM

    Our liberals who want to outsource this “war on terror” to America and its drones (literally and figuratively) are too short-sighted to realize that getting foreigners to fight and kill your own people (no matter how misguided) leads to neither victory or justice.

    Self hate, defeatism and “might is right” are the new mantras of Pakistani liberalism. Sadly, in the end liberals are digging their own graves as they will neither find peace in Pakistan or abroad.


  • Good decision
    May 11, 2012 - 11:52AM

    Pakistan from its birth has twisted their curriculum in schools, teaching distorted history and hate for India and Hinduism. They say Islam preaches Jihad. When others do it, they cry foul. For them its always ‘head I win, tail you lose’ syndrome after all they claim to be the bastion of Islam.


  • IZ
    May 11, 2012 - 12:02PM

    The point is that the course materials have been removed and the instructor has been suspended. There is no conspiracy here. Are there extremists and bigots in the US? Of course. There are some in every society (look at our own). But that kind of thinking is not allowed to continue unchecked. Extremists in both societies feed off each other and need each other. Where would they direct their hate otherwise?


  • Pashtun voice
    May 11, 2012 - 12:03PM

    Sign of an empire in decline


  • Shyam
    May 11, 2012 - 12:19PM

    At least they dont teach children to hate through textbooks


  • Truth
    May 11, 2012 - 12:36PM

    An other attempt to spread anger among the muslim community by intentionally leaking such stuff to somehow make muslims to make a mistake and attempt an attack on US soil to find a reason to take this conflict to the next level.Recommend

  • Mj
    May 11, 2012 - 12:43PM

    Insensitive and callous. But at least it is not a holy text and will be changed to remove hate towards 1/5th of the global population.


  • Good decision
    May 11, 2012 - 1:13PM

    @Trolling must stop:
    So Pakistan keeps on churning terrorists while the world does nothing. Only a Pakistani Muslim behavior.


  • Nand
    May 11, 2012 - 1:15PM

    @Trolling must stop: ‘This is different because, it is being taught to the first world, literate and moderate human beings. It is being taught to people who have means beyond our imagination to achieve whatever they want’. So what steps are you taking to educate the iterate? NOTHING.


  • Aftab Kenneth Wilson
    May 11, 2012 - 1:20PM

    People from all faiths and beliefs are sailing in the same boat. Nothing new.


  • Arif Awan
    May 11, 2012 - 1:28PM

    Nothing to be surprised about. They have anti-Islamic sensations in their blood and they can’t express it publicly as this may harm their religious freedom and human rights rhetoric.


  • ashar
    May 11, 2012 - 1:58PM

    “Yahood and Nasaara cannot be your friends”. Now you got it. And we should remember the speech of George Bush that he delivered on 12-09-2001 in which he used the word Crusade. This is no doubt a crusade against Islam and Muslims, only the modus operendi has been altered while the objectives are the same rather intensified.


  • Atheist
    May 11, 2012 - 2:19PM

    I love America.


  • hassan
    May 11, 2012 - 2:28PM

    I read the Wired article and wanted to rebut; but, sadly, every point they have made is true.

    Yes, we keep repeating ‘You can’t understand Quran without knowing Arabic’, ‘Jihad is an inner spiritual struggle’ and so on. When someone unmasks and reveals what’s hidden in, we all get angry. Maybe, there is a reason why we prevent non-Muslims from reading Quran.


  • abs
    May 11, 2012 - 2:49PM

    For those for whom every complain / argument is a conspiracy theory.


  • Batman
    May 11, 2012 - 3:13PM

    Who didn’t know this already?


  • Kala
    May 11, 2012 - 3:42PM

    @Shyam: like in India, when Hitler is portray as a favored nationalist figure in Gujarat.


  • Atheist Kid
    May 11, 2012 - 3:49PM

    All religions will one day end, just like many religions before the current religions. So total war is not needed. Time will destroy superstition.


  • Ali
    May 11, 2012 - 3:49PM

    The investigation should be on how the course information got its way to the website. You’d be surprised what they teach the armies and law enforcement all around the world.

    I hope it does open the eyes of all our pro-American liberals in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Naresh
    May 11, 2012 - 4:04PM

    Totally disagree with declaring a Religion at Fault.
    Islam is not at Fault.
    It is the Leadership which is advocating a Jihad on the Kufr.
    Islam is a Religion of Peace.
    Thus it is the Leadership, of all type, that need to change, thereby becoming Tolerant of ther Religions. Islam does not need to change!


  • May 11, 2012 - 4:17PM

    Shame on U.S and its stooges.


  • Hindustan Ki Shakti
    May 11, 2012 - 4:23PM

    Well I am surprised to hear comments on this news. I feel that with the terrorists attacks like Sept 11 , Mumbai attacks or with the threats from Al Queda. The western countries have made so negative view about muslim extremists that they are now training their police/military to prepare themselves for war . Actually they are so afraid by seeing terrorist activities of Al-Queda that they are preparing themselves for worst.
    So time has come for the muslim community that they should’nt accept the extremists in their countries.


  • HollyCow
    May 11, 2012 - 4:33PM

    @Azmat Ali:

    You’ve done enough already, don’t you think?


  • Ram
    May 11, 2012 - 4:40PM

    The whole issue is because of the Saudi petrodollar and Pakistan’s desperate attempt to identity crisis!


  • G. Din
    May 11, 2012 - 4:50PM

    Let there be no doubt about it. The “Clash of Civilizations” is already on. It is being fought not by armies but by societies. Witness the Quran burnings, the banning of Islamic symbols, the nonchalance to Islamic bullying, the insensitivity to Muslim suffering, the much-awaited demise of Muslim-appeasement politics etc., etc. That doesn’t make this clash any less destructive. We all know who will be the last one still standing!


  • arjun
    May 11, 2012 - 5:46PM

    @faraz: really?


  • Yaida M
    May 11, 2012 - 5:52PM

    Using violence to propagate any religion is sad. The Christians were the ones who started it all with their Crusades.


  • Rehman
    May 11, 2012 - 6:00PM

    What america did is absolutely despicable. However, we Pakistanis act like Puritans and the most self righteous people in the world. Our books are full of such hate literature against christians, jews, hindus etc. I am not defending America but at least they changed the course and suspended the lecturer. We however continue to educate our future generations with such hatred. So before making claims like “I KNEW WOT IS WAR ON ISLAM´´ and ´´THEY ARE SCARED OF ISLAM´´ etc etc try to look at ourselves and see that an average Pakistani has more towards West than an average American would have towards us. SHAME ON US


  • G. Din
    May 11, 2012 - 6:07PM

    “@Shyam: like in India, when Hitler is portray as a favored nationalist figure in Gujarat.”
    Hitler was the staunchest nationalist Germany produced. Ask any German even today. It is just that apart from being a truly patriotic nationalist, he was also prejudiced against others. So, what is wrong in talking about his qualities as well as his prejudices? A dispassionate examination of historical figures is from which we learn. For instance, many in India don’t like Jinnah. But they don’t go about starting holocausts. Go beyond labels. You might still learn something! Incidentally, it is not only Gujarat which seems to be every Pakistani’s bugaboo!


  • Dexter Morgan
    May 11, 2012 - 6:10PM

    Where are the ‘liberals’?


  • Mj
    May 11, 2012 - 6:11PM

    @Yaida M:
    Actually, the first Crusade started in response to Muslim imperialism and expansionary conquests in Levant and mainland Europe.


  • Umair Rana
    May 11, 2012 - 6:19PM

    @Salman Sheikh:

    As they ever are when faced with bigotry and violence. A speaker of reason goes just that far against a weapon wielding, screaming extremist


  • mani
    May 11, 2012 - 6:44PM

    @Muhammad Umar:
    two wrongs don’t make a right, besides normal people like u and me would condemn that as well


  • M-Tariq
    May 11, 2012 - 6:45PM

    Hey you guys when your madrassas teaches to hate every other religion … You people don’t allow some people who r Muslim to be called Muslim ….. then how can you complaint. I lived in US and now I am in Canada majority doesn’t believe in Hatred,Here every religion has right to follow their religion. There is Mosque , Gurdawara, Hindu temples, Synagogs, and Churches in these countries.Everyone practice their religion peacefully. So what if one institution is like that…. As you can see one of their own made a complaint against it…. So Chill guys look what is going on in our own Muslim world.. Sunnis are against Shia … Shia is against Sunnis…. Both are against Ahmadis …. So I have no sympathy for the people who doesn’t even know the meaning of Islam …..PEACE…. First lets try to be a good Muslim… Allah will protect us then….. My opinion


  • Moise
    May 11, 2012 - 7:03PM

    The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion, but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do —— The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, p. 51.

    Samuel Phillips Huntington (April 18, 1927 – December 24, 2008) was an influential American political scientist whose works covered multiple sub-fields of political science. He gained wider prominence through his Clash of Civilizations (1993, 1996) thesis of a post-Cold War new world order.


  • Moise
    May 11, 2012 - 7:09PM

    Search CIA University. You ll find those textbooks come from CIA.


  • Anand Kumar
    May 11, 2012 - 7:53PM

    This objectionable course was inducted after 9/11 as a reaction against muslim extremism. Now however the course has been withdrawn and the lecturer suspended.Recommend

  • Rajeev Nidumolu
    May 11, 2012 - 8:07PM

    I am not aware of any religion and nation which does not have lunatic fringe group of people. The difference is how effectively the religion and nation controls the lunatic fringe.


    May 11, 2012 - 8:12PM

    if only the USA , gets correct and true information about “the moderate Muslims”


  • May 11, 2012 - 8:42PM

    This was an elective course that was taught in the Joint Professional Military Education II (JPME II) curriculum at Joint Forces Staff College (JFSC). When concerns were raised by a student and thus brought to the notice of the military leadership, the course in question was suspended. The elective course, entitled called “Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism” was eight weeks long and met weekly when in session. The course has been taught to some US military students at JFSC since 2004 and is conducted five times a year. The course has been suspended pending the results of a preliminary inquiry of course content and materials to ensure that they meet the mission of the college and are in keeping with Department of Defense policies regarding professional military education. A determination on the future of the course will be made at that point. Till then we should refrain from making any judgments.

    I would like to point out here that the United States is not at war with Islam or Muslims. Our war is against any terrorists who are aiming to kill innocents and disturb world peace. There are many Muslims serving in all facets of society in the United States including the US government and the military. President Obama, while addressing Muslims all over the world from Al-Azhar in Cairo,said, “I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world; one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect; and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive, and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles – principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.” We still strongly stand by our President’s statements.

    Maj David Nevers
    DET-United States Central Command


  • vigilant
    May 11, 2012 - 9:36PM

    Hate course taught in top military college of US……..Shame on USA…….after seeing this issuse in media probe is ordered…….and for 8 years US Centcom and military leaders were sleeping……Shame on US… this will provide reasons to TTP for hiring more recruits… will suffer from consequences are peaceful Pakistanis and Afghanis… from of Drones attacks (as passing-out officers will call more shots) or Suicide bomb attacks


  • John B
    May 11, 2012 - 10:00PM

    Major, the course content and the conclusions are correct in an academic sense. The course content gives an insightful view to the question that many in the west often ask “why Muslim terrorists hate the west (US)”.

    For Americans it is a bigotry to think the way the course material projects. But it does not negate the reasons and conclusions of the course content.

    The course content may not be a policy but its conclusions are a fact, if you read the core books of Islam.

    The last war of Islam against other religions and culture ended in the Indian Subcontinent and that is why we are here now from where it is trying to start the jihad again. Recommend

  • G. Din
    May 11, 2012 - 11:29PM

    I wish you had not quoted President Obama. There are far too many contradictions in this statement that if taken out shall leave nothing literally to speak of. Don’t get me wrong. I respect President Obama. But, it is time for all non-Muslims to stop fooling themselves that they can buy peace of the Muslims by imagining a commonality between our principles. Muslims do not believe that, neither should we be starry-eyed to believe that. Chamberlain also thought that he had secured “Peace in our time”. Stalin even signed an agreement but before he could reach Moscow, the assault on Russia had begun. There are absolutely NO common principles between our beliefs. The sooner we come to that conclusion, the sooner the resolution of “the dilemma of our time”!


  • truth
    May 11, 2012 - 11:35PM

    @ us centcom
    i would rather say stop killing innocent muslims all over the world for your country cheap resource interests and stop preaching how us wants to spread peace. Your country runs its budget by selling weapons all over the world, and even u sell it to your enemy in syria (al qaida). Dont think we are naive and will fall for your stupid and full of lies speech. Recommend

  • Truthbetold
    May 12, 2012 - 12:09AM

    @Logic Europe:

    “are they not right in that Muslims are a danger to them, and don’t we need to think what impression of our religion we have made to the world “

    Very correct statement. Doesn’t Islam, at a fundamental level, divides humanity through its confrontational and extremist “dar al Islam and dar al harb” philosophy?


  • Kafir
    May 12, 2012 - 12:16AM

    Dear Major David @ US Centcom

    I have gone through Lt Col Dooley’s presentation word by word.
    He begins saying ” Militant Islam in the world compels us to examine the issue unconstrained of fears of political correctness ” and then he says “how do we define threat if we are not allowed to talk about it”. I see sense of duty of a professional soldier and his frustration thereof due to imposed constraints. I am in complete agreement with him except “total war” which I am not too sure about at this moment .

    What you said in above comment is politically correct but we can not discount view from other side which is compelling.It is assuring that somebody has courage to say what is needs to be said.

    I saw large number of comment on this post , presumably they from are most educated and most privileged mass of Pakistani society. Still it is reflective of mind boggling self righteousness of Islamic society, utter disdain for any alternate view.

    I see your comment unnecessarily apologetic.


  • jahandad
    May 12, 2012 - 1:30AM

    what they did to Iraqis , and afghans,,killing millions ,starving millions,,physically and mentally torturing millions ,,looting their treasures and wealth related minerals and oils ,,slaughtering people and children in mosques,,,,,,,,SO WHY TO BE SURPRISED? ,,,,,BUT YOU CAN NEVER FIGHT ISLAM,,,,,,,,,,FOR SURE YOU CAN FIGHT SO CALLED MUSLIMS,,,,,,BUT WHEN YOU TRY TO FIGHT ISLAM ,,,,,YOU SHOULD BE SURE OF YOUR OWN END GAME,,,,,,,,,Recommend

  • jahandad
    May 12, 2012 - 1:53AM

    @US CENT COM,,,YOU ARE SAYING,,,,,I would like to point out here that the United States is not at war with Islam or Muslims. Our war is against any terrorists who are aiming to kill innocents ]]],,,,,,,,,,,,,WHAT A JOKE BY REAL JOKER,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you have killed more than a million innocent Iraqis ,,,,,and more than half a million afghans ,,,,,,,,,what you say ,,,,,now,,,,,killing, raping and looting others resources is in your ethical values and in your blood and so called your politico religious view of anti Islamic hate campaignRecommend

  • Baba Ji
    May 12, 2012 - 1:55AM

    While campaigning for a “total war” against all the world’s Muslims, the course further taught about possible nuclear attacks on the holy cities of Makkah and Medina. – Article
    Let’s open the NATO supply routes !!!!! No ?


  • Imran Con
    May 12, 2012 - 6:31AM

    I wouldn’t want soldiers on the field trusting any Muslim with their life. 100% chance that if they die on the field, they’ll be killed by a Muslim.
    It’s insensitive. But that “religion of peace” stuff is nonsense. I could tell you that the US and NATO prefer peace and harmony with their own guidelines, documents and claims but I doubt someone from Pakistan will agree with me. That’s because all you see is hostility for a number of justifiable reasons. The same goes for Muslims. You can say the religion is peaceful, but is that ever actually seen anywhere but in claims to the rest of the world? No. The things the rest of the world sees, if not knowing otherwise beforehand, that someone being “Islamic” is more likely than not a mental problem deserving medication rather than a religion and your own followers of your religion are the ones who get to shoulder the blame. The concern everyone has is understandable by countless examples.


  • ashok
    May 12, 2012 - 7:35AM

    My favorite tweet was by someone who wrote:

    “One day I am going to learn Arabic, interpret the Quran the right way, explain the true meaning and then all our problems in Islamic ummah would be solved.”


  • Zainab
    May 12, 2012 - 8:30AM

    We should admire Gen. M. Dempsey revelation, it indicates that within USA administration there are forces working over time contratry to it’s own President who (not long ago) declare that America will never go to war with Islam. Now, we must wait n see what or if any steps would be taken by present USA administration against such renegade elements within it’s administration.


  • Salman Sheikh
    May 12, 2012 - 10:03AM

    @Umair Rana:
    Hmmm.. I keep thinking that Britishers does well when they master subcontinent people when they killed many for no reason on our soil.. and Indians are supporting them now. i think they have forgotten the Massacre in Indo-Pak in British Rule (They are justifying their rule).


  • Salman Sheikh
    May 12, 2012 - 10:08AM

    Addition to your comment.:Its not just happen to Muslims as they have killing thousands of Cubans, Vietnamese and any one in this history forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki…


  • Scales9
    May 12, 2012 - 10:16AM

    Liberal Muslim Pakistanis ! Where you stand now/


  • Dr Karim
    May 12, 2012 - 12:37PM

    Islam is total religeon of peace.Nothing to do with terrorism.The mankind on the planet earth must use the natural resouces for the betterment of human being and lidw system on the planet.Above all killing is not a humane behaveour.


  • Zainab
    May 12, 2012 - 1:43PM

    The Leader of the Free World n Commander Cheif of the most powerful (Militaraly) Nation on earth, might enlighten Muslims “how come this news Contradict his earlier declaration that America will never go to war with Islam”? After all 1.4Billion Muslims deserve to hear some wise defensive words from his side.


  • Az
    May 12, 2012 - 9:46PM

    @Muhammad Umar:
    The difference being that this is school is run by the state. The government is in charge of this school and bears responsability. The example you gave of what we are taught of Christians and Jews is something that is not government or state-related.


  • Rajeev Nidumolu
    May 12, 2012 - 10:13PM

    It is obvious military course as taught by a zealot was influenced by book “Clash of Civilizations” by influential US intellectual Samuel Huntington . Mr Huntington visualizes the world in terms of religious civilizations with fractures and deep fissures and the resultant clashes which are inevitable. This concept is no different from the ideology propagated by religious zealots on both sides of the Indo-Pak border

    There is a fundamental error in this line of thinking as no religion has been monolithic in the course of history. All major religions in the world including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism have had major schisms and are each composed of diverse strands of thinking, interpretation and sects which are in variance with each other as much as with the outside religions .To subscribe to the view of monolithic entity of each religion we need to wear tinted glasses and see the world with colored vision.Any attempt to mobilize the groups in lines of religion is bound to fail ( example: Pre-independence Khilafat movement).
    Is this particular course any different Pakistani core course curriculum with its systematic indoctrination of vulnerable young minds of school age which promotes Indo phobia, anti-Hinduism and racist ideology?
    These kind of courses have prevented mutual tolerance ,have promoted bigotry and led to miscalculations resulting in human catastrophes resulting in wars


  • Freeman
    May 12, 2012 - 11:30PM

    @hassan: I don’t know from where you have got this idea that we prevent non muslims to read Quran. We never prevent non muslims to read quran as its totally wrong. Anybody can read Quran weather they are muslims or non muslims.


  • Rao
    May 13, 2012 - 7:41AM

    Shameful teaching in modern era.
    It shows,few cristians and Jews are planing to destroy the peace of the world.
    Islam is not only a religion,its also a DEEN, Allha’s DEEN, and he will protect his DEEN himself,let the prepare these devils against,and will destroy themselves for ever.
    They have become crazy, mad and sick,if the can fight with GOD, then they should do it as earlier as posible before it is too late.


  • Pragmatist
    May 13, 2012 - 7:51AM

    The next world war will definitely be along religious lines. That will be a war to end all wars.


  • Roshan Khayal
    May 13, 2012 - 7:55AM

    This is NOT a directive. This curriculum is part of the way the US trains its soldiers – for all eventualities. But you never know. Another 9/11 and this scenario might well come to pass. But it is time religion and violence are decoupled. Muslims need to stand up more against those using the name of their religion to kill and maim. It is not enough to point fingers in return.


  • Green Peace
    May 13, 2012 - 10:02AM

    @Rao: It is not the religion. It is the practitioners that are ruining it. You can use a knife for cutting fruit as well as cutting heads. Religion is the knife, Muslims are the practitioners.


  • Hindustan Ki Shakti
    May 13, 2012 - 12:14PM

    I am an Indian Hindu.
    I totally agree that Islam is not at fault and it does;nt need to change. But the problem is Extremism in Islam- People who are illiterate are being turned into human Bombs by so called beard bearing islamists who call themselves saviour of Islam, so they are actually dangerous to muslims & Non Muslims of the entire world..
    By their threatening comments these extremists have created fear in the entire world , so the world is preparing itself for any sabotage created by them.
    So their is no option other than to contain these extremists.
    Otherwise people like me respect the holy book of quran & principles of islam.


  • SL DUA
    May 13, 2012 - 1:03PM

    Pot calling the kettle black. One bad character telling the other bad character that you are the bad one and vice versa does not make them ‘Dervesh’, ‘Devta’ or ‘Cop’. They will remain what they are, Madarsas and anti-muslim training units of USA.


  • Dr. Naeemullah Durrani
    May 13, 2012 - 1:23PM

    When United Kingdom lost war against Egypt on swiz canal during seventies, Immediately US came in action, and ordered to promote localisation, so that to cut down Narcissism / socialism.
    For this An war Sadat was selected. When An war Sadat promoted rapidly clergy, this lead to a layer from Dubai, to Iran and Pakistan and next Afghanistan. This first victim was that the c lurgy in Iran thrown out the then kind.
    This followed by American supported war in Afghanistan. When Prussia was divided into pieces, than US and West left the debris.unattended, and that lead to crises in Pakistan , Afghanistan the tribal built in between, which still continue, and Al Qaeda take advantage of this.
    The biggest haters against US hegemony are in middle east, in middle east except ruling class , the rest hate US and west. There is understanding between the ruling class over there, the haters should go to Afghanistan and near by tribal areas, and fight US and West from there., so the Oil rich respiratory could not be destabilized. This is done with, with mutual understanding of Arabs and the west.
    Both the Arab and West are be fooling the rest of the world, and they earn money through sale of arm and ammunition to the users.
    All the suisiders are the paid agents of west and Americans.
    US world agenda, is promote disorders and promote killing the believers no matter they are Muslims or Christians .

    US should not forget, all their force is on the o scans, and if Allah orders the water to swallow all the US forces shall disappear with in seconds. It is just the matter of time. Tornadoes are waiting for the orders fro God, to destroy Dajals.


  • Salman Sheikh
    May 14, 2012 - 10:01AM

    You are totally wrong in your thinking may be you didn’t read Quran. No one is prohibited to read Quran.


  • Salman Sheikh
    May 14, 2012 - 10:04AM

    @Hindustan Ki Shakti:
    So there aren’t Extremist in Hinduism and Christian or in Jews???


  • someone
    May 14, 2012 - 8:04PM

    Its time that the muslims united as one Ummah and started an Islamic government in each and every muslim country and traded closely with each other and made a United Islamic Army to defend ourselves and our Holy Cities.


  • Kaisar Imam
    May 16, 2012 - 11:35PM

    @Green Peace:
    You are biggest Fool i have ever came across. Tell me who wages two world war on world and killed innocent civilian using atombombs. If you kill innocents using atom bombs still you are not peaceful and if we kill American terrorists then we are using religious knife.

    Actually most terrorist religion is Christina and Jews whose top religious leaders are busy in child molestation and other illegal activities.

    How you people are thinking absurd about us without looking your own deeds


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