Sticks and shoes

Editorial August 09, 2010

The rather bizarre affair of the shoe allegedly thrown at the president as he addressed a rally in Birmingham has attracted a huge amount of media space. This is unexpected, given that we are currently facing a surging flood, a consequent food price hike and other crises in the still tense city of Karachi. It would not be too much to expect a focus on these events of quite enormous proportion. Why the shoe-throwing drama has captured our imagination is linked to the vilification of Asif Ali Zardari that has continued for months. People, who otherwise seem capable of rationality, believe all kinds of absurd tales about him. The fanning on of rumour continues through email and text messages. The instant denial by government spokespeople that the shoe-hurling event ever occurred has only added to the controversy and kept it alive beyond its time. A more-matter-of-fact statement regarding what had happened would have dampened the conjecture and the fuelling of exaggerated versions of events. Some, for example, talk of multiple pieces of footwear being hurled towards the podium.

On its own, the shoe-throwing incident is insignificant. The unoriginal act of protest, in emulation of the one staged in Iraq against George W Bush, could have been engineered by opposition parties who have a big presence in the UK, or thought up by an individual as a publicity stunt.

The incident comes at the end of a trip to Europe that has brought for Mr Zardari a great deal of criticism. There is question if his remaining in the country would have done anything to turn back the swirling floodwaters, given that the chief executive is on the ground tending to the effort. But the criticism, especially because of the visit’s timing, seems to have done some damage which the government could have done without.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 10th, 2010.


usman | 11 years ago | Reply sahar, do you even live in this world? where you get the comments from a 3 year old ;)
F.A.Abbasi | 11 years ago | Reply Buddies I am not intrested what ever were happend with Zardairi,Because he havn't skills of leadership he is a Good Busines man and he is doing a great business By Utilizing the Chair Of power and let see how he escape after filling out his all the pockets Heheheheh. we Can't do any thing Because the youht n the people of pakistan are fighting for their own norms who cares; whats going ?If we Look a the political Parties each n every Party Critisize any issue in with he fell is in his best intrest ,who cares that there are soo many people who still hungry,who deserve better opportunity in their life but due not having any Refrence they still neglected.The best Example is PIA(ruled BY PPP)CDGK(ruled By MQM) etc. We Can't change the system untill The Public awake for a singel norm or voice,there are too many Bad peoples Who might Be the next president we can't stop them but what we can do is just to wipe the system class discrmination. i Have lots of Words to say But i HAv'nt much time to write as i work in an office. I'll InshaLLah Cum To Read the comments on My Viewpoint . The Siomple Resident Of Karachi.
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