Twitter alert: Shut up Clinton

Hillary Clinton's statements in India cause an online uproar from Pakistanis.

Web Desk May 07, 2012

As soon as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, during a visit to India, revealed her suspicions about al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri residing somewhere in Pakistan, local Twitter users kicked off the trend #ShutUpClinton.

While most of the tweets said nothing more than asking Clinton to "shut up", there were others who defended Pakistan from the allegations. Still others countered Clinton's arguments by poking holes in US foreign policy.

Top Tweets

Salman Javed

Provide proofs of #WMDs in #Iraq, 9-11 and May-2nd, have courage to speak truth and if you dont hve then #ShutupClinton

Malika Khan

:) Pakistanis forget #ShutUpClinton. OUR priorities lie in getting this corrupt government out! Then we can think of US

The Sufi Soul

#ShutupClinton | ...your war-machine NATO is being suffocated by us, and watching you panic is rather fascinating...

Ambreen Ejaz

See how many Americans are rising and protesting against their own country's war? They are realizing the truth #ShutupClinton


The ones involved in 9/11 were Arabs and not Pakistani! We still helped U in this War on Terror which was never ours! #ShutupClinton

Naveed Ahmad Khan

Hill Clinton's statement in India is a stab in the back for Pakistan. da youth dismisses this slavery of the US #ShutupClinton 

Salman Javed

You dont give Visa to #Pakistanistudents who make film against your Drones #Shame #Shutupclinton


We are not a banana republic beholden to the crooked munificence of a mass killing super power. #ShutupClinton


united states promotes bullying, liberal extremism and the art of smearing to encourage capitalism #ShutUpClinton


Hillary Clinton wants India to further cut Iranian oil imports. Line of command ceases to end. #ShutUpClinton #LackeysEverywhere


Aafreen | 9 years ago | Reply the proof of OBL's death was not given as a viedo and pictures as US and entire world knows that those videos would be used as most important wepon for brain washing of pakistanis by showing them pictures/ videos again and again and a mazzar would be created where every terrorist from pak would go and aim kill entire world and make OBL as icon for all muslims(?) of the world to rage war on entire world. Pakistanis knows this very much?donn't they?
Iftikhar Ahmed | 9 years ago | Reply


Brother do you think the army is stupid enough to acquiesce to what americans say and not confirm it. Their silence does not necessarily mean they have not made their homework. US deliberately has left void in the confirmation, to wrong at a later stage those who question it and give credence to the existence of conspiracy theorists. And still to believe it another good reason is the impartial judicial commission which too hasn't questioned it vividly.

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