Raymond Davis saga: Widow, mother-in-law of one of the victims killed

Man fatall­y shoots his wife and daught­er over the latter marryi­ng anothe­r man.

Asad Kharal April 30, 2012

LAHORE: The widow and mother-in-law of one of Raymond Davis’ victims were allegedly killed by his father-in-law after a domestic dispute in the Johar Town area of Lahore on Monday, The Express Tribune learnt.

Faizan Haider and Faheem Shamshad were allegedly shot dead by American official Raymond Davis in a market area of Lahore on January 26, 2011.

Zahra, widow of Faizan Haider and her mother Nabeela were allegedly shot dead by Zahra’s father at their home in 52-B-1, Johar Lahore. The killer, who was identified as Shehzad Butt, fled the scene after the incident. The two were killed by Butt after a domestic dispute had erupted. Family sources claimed that Butt opposed Zahra marrying anyone other than Faizan’s brother, while the mother and daughter were against it.

Sanaullah, a security guard at a nearby school said that he heard firing at around 12:15pm and he saw Zahra’s body outside the property, while Nabeela was lying on the porch of the house. Johar Town and Town Ship Police reached the spot immediately after the killings and the bodies were shifted to a postmortem house for autopsy. They revealed that Nabeela was shot inside the house, while Zahra was shot in the street as she tried to flee.

Neighbours, on condition of anonymity said that they often heard screaming from the residence. Shehzad wanted her to marry Faizan’s brother, but she and Nabeela opposed this. A month ago Zahra secretly married another man, and when her father found out about it, he became furious which resulted in him killing his daughter and wife.

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Antebellum | 9 years ago | Reply


Read my first comment. I genuinely felt and showed remorse at their deaths. But they did take the money. As for the woman who committed suicide: Sacrifice/suicide of one woman who REFUSED COMPENSATION must not be defiled for those who did.

alicia | 9 years ago | Reply

@Antebellum You disgust me. These women did not want to take the money it was the greedy men of their family who asked them too. If you would remember one of the victims wife committed suicide before the settlement because she did not want blood payment. However her late husband's family was forcing her too. Also how does them taking blood money which is legally supported in Islamic and Pakistani law justify this honor killing? If there is a law like that in PK than you can't do anything about it whether it goes against your 'ghairat' or not.

@Babloo Well supposedly those two were hired by the ISI to follow Davis. The ISI suspected him of spying etc. Later on he realized it and shot them. I doubt two Pakistanis would try to rob a gora who had sophisticated weapons in his car.

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