SC refers Haqqani's video statement application to Memogate commission

Haqqani had filed application in the apex court to have his statement recorded abroad.

Azam Khan April 24, 2012

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has referred former ambassador to US Husain Haqqani's video statement application to judicial commission probing the Memogate scandal on Tuesday.

Haqqani had filed an application in the apex court through his counsel Asma Jehangir to have his statement recorded just like Mansoor Ijaz's was recorded in London.

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, hearing the application, transferred the responsibility to the judicial commission to decide itself whether it wants to record Haqqani's statements via video link or not.

Haqqani had maintained that he cannot return to the country to appear before the judicial commission probing the scandal due to security reasons.

The Supreme Court had allowed Haqqani to travel abroad on a condition that he will return to the country within four days of being summoned by the judicial commission. The court retained its earlier order.

The Supreme Court order stated, “After hearing counsels of the parties in the case, we disposed of this application that order of this court dated 30-01-2012 is intact. The commission without prejudice in case of anybody may adopt a procedure for recording of statement in the interest of justice as desired by it.”

Correction: Express News had earlier reported that the Supreme Court had rejected Haqqani's application. This is incorrect. The application was referred to the judicial commission. The correction has been made.


Uzma Bukhari | 9 years ago | Reply

The Memo issue has been a source of disrepute for us as a nation and even greater for all those actors involved in this affair. How could a simple piece of paper bearing no signature and supposedly passed on through clandestine channel be the authentic position of the government? Is such a piece of paper any value for the legal proceeding? It was anticipated that the commission comprising the honorable judges will through it in the dust bin after the preliminary hearing. But unfortunately the commission has further ridiculed the nation as well as the wisdom of the judiciary. It seems that there is an absolute lack of intellect and wisdom in our high ups and their motivation is more to settle their personal vendetta and satisfy the egos than to run the country. The nation has a right to ask why the tax payers money has been misused to follow an inconsequential matter?

Mirza | 9 years ago | Reply

Ray Davis was released by Punjab govt and local judiciary after paying the blood money. The fed govt does not control the provincial courts in Punjab. The speed with which the court opened and everything was done was amazing vs. taking two decades on Asghar Khan's case and still counting. Even if the SC was not involved they maintained criminal silence over the whole issure and did not take any action, why?

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