Dismembered bodies: Serial killer arrested in Karachi

Muhammad Rafiq, resident of Sukkur, was reported to have been involved in murdering and dismembering bodies of women.

Web Desk April 24, 2012
Dismembered bodies: Serial killer arrested in Karachi

KARACHI: Police in Karachi arrested a man on Tuesday who was reported to have been behind the brutal murders of two women. 

The man, who was arrested by Jamshed Quarter Police, was identified as Muhammad Rafiq, a rickshaw driver and resident of Sukkur.

He had reportedly picked women and taken them to his house to murder them and dismembered their bodies. The body parts were found from different parts of the city including Soldier Bazaar and Guru Mandar.

One of the victims, whose body parts were found in the Guru Mandar area, has been identified as Nasreen, a mother of 4 and resident of Quaidabad.

On March 10, Nasreen’s body was found near the Guru Mandar area and the police was said to have closed the file. On April 10, 11 and 12 when more female body parts were found around the city, the police were forced to revisit the case and PPP representative Faryal Talpur took personal notice of the incidents, directing IG Sindh to make arrangements to arrest the offender immediately and find out the identity of the second woman.

Rafiq had initially denied any involvement in the incidents but had later admitted he had murdered three women and had also served time in prison earlier for the murder of another woman. Police also found tools that Rafiq had used to dismember the victims after he had murdered them.

Inspector General (IG) East Tahir Navaid said that there was no clear reason as to why the murderer had carried out the acts, but attributed them to mental instability.

Rafiq was later presented in front of the media by the police. He said that he strangled the women to kill them and had used a knife to dismember the bodies.

He said that there was no motive behind the killings, adding that he had “lost his mind” when he carried out the acts.

Correction: The name of one of the victims was incorrect in an earlier version of this article.

The killer was involved in the murder of two women and not three. 

The corrections have been made.


Noor us Sabah | 12 years ago | Reply

Not shocked. Not at all. I'm a writer and recently carried out a personal research on serial killers. Pakistan is lagging behind in serial killing (lol) if compared to america. One good point, atleast. Believe me, american serial killers are way too horrid and sordid. Ted bundy, jeffrey dahmer, richard chase, richard cottingham, jack the ripper, loads more. Check out what they did and then criticize the Pakistani police!

Imran | 12 years ago | Reply

It's DIG east there is no IG east!!

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