Serendipity: Little-known waterfall enchants visitors in Shingraie valley

Even though it has the potential of becoming a tourist attraction, the government has neglected the spot.

Fazal Khaliq April 20, 2012


Swat valley is famous for its dazzling beauty and breathtaking scenery with snow-clad mountains, spectacular waterfalls, magical lakes and springs and streams of crystal-clear water.

Though there are many fascinating places which attract foreign and domestic tourists, there are a greater number of scenic spots yet to be explored by visitors to Swat valley.

Shingro Dand waterfall is a unique combination of serenity and stunning beauty. As one penetrates deep inside Shingraie valley, a spectacular waterfall surrounded by mountains comes into view practically out of the blue, taking one by surprise.

Its charm is unforgettable, its attraction impossible to express in words, according to a visitor.

“This is why people call the scenery mesmerising. It’s the perfect place to unwind, said Zareen Nawab, who was sitting at the base of the waterfall with friends from Mingora.

“Unfortunately, even I did not know about its existence, even though I live in Swat,” he added.

The waterfall flows into a small lake, presenting a spectacular view for visitors. Even though as yet undiscovered by outsiders, small groups of locals can be seen enjoying the waterfall.

The majority of visitors come on motorbikes, because there is no proper road leading to the lake.

“I’m wondering why such an amazing place is unknown to our people,” said Nauman Khan. “We reached the spot by traversing a steep dirt track”. There should be a proper link road to access this place because it is a perfect tourist spot, comparable with the most beautiful places in the world, he added.

Residents from nearby areas visit the waterfall on weekends to enjoy the cool breeze.

“The waterfall is the most beautiful place in the area and the environment is very soothing,” Zahoor Ali, told The Express Tribune. A resident of Mingora, he was picnicking by the lake with his classmates.

Shingro Dand has great touristic potential. Located at an hour’s drive from Mingora, the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation should focus on the venue and introduce it to tourists.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 20th, 2012.


SAJJAD KHAN | 9 years ago | Reply

@Sonya: I think Swat is today most safest place in Pak, even than Islamabad... and as u r minority so there are many minorities living in Swat even they were safe taliban era. so u’ld keep ur visit there

Swati | 9 years ago | Reply

Many tourists are coming to Swat. there is perfect safety and serenity. Some 20 members of European Union countries visited it recently so one can judge peace here

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