Karachi violence: 3 PPP men killed in Orangi Town

Unidentified men opened fire and shut down the area after the incident.

Web Desk April 06, 2012

KARACHI: Three people were killed when unidentified gunmen opened fire on them in the Orangi Town area of Karachi on Friday, Express News reported.

The three men were taken to a hospital after they sustained bullet injuries in the attack. All three men died on the way.

After the incident, unidentified men opened fire and closed down shops in the area.

According to sources, the deceased were affiliated with the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

The families of the deceased protested against the killing and wanted to take the bodies to the Chief Minster House.

Police and security personnel have tried to disperse the protestors by resorting to shelling.

Funeral procession: National Highway blocked

The funeral procession of Ghulam Abbas, a Shia boy who was killed on Thursday, passed through the National Highway, blocking the road for those going through the area.

Markets on the highway also remained closed for business.  The procession later headed towards the graveyard.


Syed | 9 years ago | Reply

@liberalpak, you are also forgetting during last 4 years most of the people killed belonged to mqm, almost half. also PPP is only strong in Liyari, and its always shut down, its a news when Liyari is peaceful. Aman comitee still operates with ppp flags, there are pictures of PPP members all over Karachi with benazir and Rehman Dakait on banners. stop being so naive. NATO ammunition supplies havent got lost in the city they have always been lost outside, usually in KP.

liberalpak | 9 years ago | Reply

@Copper: Your statment is full of contradiction, you say, PPP has no influence and then you say they have weapons and Lyari is shut down. MQM has weapons but its popular. Bro, if PPP has weapons and government, CANT they shut down whole city in a min?? Dont under-estimate PPP's strength. See the difference between a violent demonstrations of MQM and peaceful PPP.

@Farnham: Aman committe has already been banned by PPP govt and When will MQM ban its militant wing? As per wikileaks, JITs and SC observations; in extortion, violence and hate crimes, the party which gets top slot is MQM. What about missing Nato ammunition supplies from Karachi port? Who was minister? Check facts please.

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