Twitter alert: Desi Pronunciations and 'ishtuff'

“Time to paaltee?” “Which Isscool did you ishtudy in?”

Web Desk April 04, 2012

“Time to paaltee?”

“Which Isscool did you ishtudy in?”

Today’s top laugh-a-second Twitter trend was #desipronounciations and #desipronunciations – a look at how Pakistanis commonly (mis)pronounce English words.

Top Tweets

Ahad Shafqat ‏ @ahadrx7

Gig-natic = gigantic

Feroze Khawaja ‏ @FozBlue

Paalenty (Plenty), Aver (Over), Budday (Birthday)

shakir husain ‏ @shakirhusain


Asma Ather ‏ @asmiather

Isscool = school

Sana Kazmi ‏ @sanakazmi

Party = paaltee

AIG ‏ @Ahmed_Gondal

Whenever Rehman Malik or Sheikh Rashid say something.

Fariha Osmani ‏ @FarihaOsmani

Polar (Parlour)

Hayaa khurshid ‏ @Sexy_toady

Mod-run for modern. Draa-in room for drawing room.

Anas Mallick ‏ @AnasMallick

Yaar mei woh "Tharsday" kou aaunga

Nandana Anver Kamal ‏ @NandanaKamal


Soulman Łîvë ‏ @ShigRon

Feenish finish

Sanam Maher ‏ @topbastard

Ass cream = ice cream

Ahmad Hussain ‏ @Ahmad__Hussain

Give-en-chi (Givenchy)

Chachi Chatters ‏ @ChachiChatters

Boorsh = Brush


Mahum | 9 years ago | Reply

@Mumbai Dude: Just because people pronounce it in a certain way doesn't mean that they're illiterate. This is not supposed to be an article that is to be followed by huge debates of what's wrong and what's right,this is just some light hearted comedy which should be taken light heartedly and then one should just move on with their life.

Mumbai Dude | 9 years ago | Reply

Only illeterate people use such words. In twitter mostly words like u, i m etc are used.

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