Muhajirs demand separate province

Muhajirs say they are not being given their rights, have no choice but to ask for a separate province.

Web Desk April 03, 2012

KARACHI: Members of the Muhajir Province Movement protested and staged demonstrations in the Liaquatabad area of Karachi, demanding their own separate province, Express News reported.

According to the protesters, Muhajirs were not being given their rights and now had no choice but to ask for a separate province for themselves.

The protest included a telephonic address by the chairman of the Muhajir Province Movement.


Karachiite | 9 years ago | Reply

In punjab Khar and khosa ( saraki) and shahbaz and nawaz sharif (Muhajir ) can become CM. In KP Abbasi and Shah ( Hindko) and Mufti Mahmood (DI Khan) can become CM. In Sindh it is impossible for a Urban Sindhi ( or so called MUHAJIR) to become CM. Proportion of saraikis in Punjab and hindkowal in KP is lower than the proportion of Muhajirs in Sindh.

There is no discrimination of Urban/Rural (Muhajir/Sindhi) in other provinces as in Sindh. So demand for separate Muhajir province is much stronger than Saraiki and hazarewal province

usmanx | 9 years ago | Reply

As I read this thread, EVERY poster has some validity to their case. All the more reason to respect the perspectives of others and not be hostage to our own thinking. The people posting here seem to be very educated. It is upon you people to be exemplary and to see the pain and feelings of the other. Otherwise we will be no different than the thugs beloging to various parties killing each other and innocent people.


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