Illegal stay: 45-day imprisonment, Rs50,000 fine for Bin Laden's family

After the imprisonment, the family will be deported to their respective countries – Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Obaid Abbasi/afp/web Desk April 02, 2012

ISLAMABAD: A senior civil judge indicted former al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden’s family on Monday for having resided illegally in Pakistan.

Senior Civil Judge Shahrukh Arjumand handed down 45-day imprisonment along with a fine of Rs10,000 each, to Bin Laden’s three widows and two daughters, after the investigative unit of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) informed that the family had been residing illegally in the country.

During the proceeding of the case which took place in a private house declared a sub-jail located in Sector G-6/4, Judge Arjumand handed the sentence to Bin Laden’s three widows, Amal Ahmad Abdul Fatheh, Silham Sharif, and Kharia Hussain Sabir, and two daughters, 17-year-old Maryam and 21-year-old Sumiya, said family’s lawyer Muhammad Aamir while talking to The Express Tribune.

Amal was also charged under section 419 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) for cheating and not providing her real identity, said Khalid Naeem assistant director (legal) FIA who appeared on the behalf of agency.

Aamir said the period of detention began on March 3, when they were formally arrested on charges of illegal entry and residency in Pakistan and that they would continue to be held at their villa in Islamabad.

“The interior secretary has been directed to arrange their deportation,” Aamir told reporters outside the home in the capital, where the al Qaeda leader’s widows are living and which officials have declared a “sub jail”.

“I think it will be completed probably in two weeks,” he added.

Zakarya Ahmad Abd al Fattah, the Yemeni brother of Bin Laden's youngest and reputedly favourite wife, Amal, confirmed the sentence.

“The court has also given direction to the government to arrange the necessary documents for their earliest repatriation, so that they can go to their own country as soon as possible,” Fattah told reporters.

Sadeh along with Bin Laden’s two other wives from Saudi Arabia and an undisclosed number of children were among the 16 people detained by Pakistani authorities in the fallout of the May 2 raid on the al Qaeda leader’s Abbottabad compound.

Yemen had urged Pakistan to return Sadeh and her four children to her home country, saying they were not guilty of any crime.

The counsel of Sadeh’s brother was also present during the hearing.

Authorities had previously said they will repatriate the women to their home countries after a judicial commission probing the Bin Laden raid has completed its questioning.

The commission has interviewed the family members for clues about how the al Qaeda chief managed to stay in the country undetected.


Tony C. | 10 years ago | Reply

@Ch Allah Daad: Could not agree with you more on almost everything you have said. The only thing that bothers me is the lack of Osama's body, lack of an autopsy lack of reasonable photographs and without a body no chance of DNA testing. The only thing we have, I think, are Osama's wives and the CIA, Mossad, ISI only have to threaten their children with an accident and the wives will say anything the authorities want them to say. The only other witnesses to the Abbottabad incident are the brave lads who supposedly visited Abbottabad in the middle of the night, and surprise, surprise they are all dead. To compound our understanding of the problem I believe that the Pentagon have mislaid all the Abbottabad doumentation. In other words, Washington have all the loose ends tied up. What more can I say?

Tony C. | 10 years ago | Reply

@MarkH: Dear Mark H, I will not go into the logic of what happened or did not happen in the Abbottabad debacle. We may never know what occurred upon that May day, but what we really do know is that Washington is untruthful about everything they get up to. I could go back in history to make my point, but Express Tribune would probably object to a 100,000 word missive. Let us settle for a few lies or unsatisfactory conclusions. Remember the Gulf of Tonkin which started the Vietnam war. Another debacle. A passenger aircraft supposedly crashed into the Pentagon, but we have seen no evidence of it. A few Saudis crashed planes into the twin towers, and the poor old Afghan Government got the blame. Does this sound familiar? America told the world that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, so an invasion took place. Most of the country was bombed into the stone age with over a million people killed, but no weapons of mass destruction were found. Although Afghanistan was also invaded because they would not hand over Osama bin Laden It has only taken the U.S. ten years to supposedly bring him to book. I do not know which country you come from, but in mine we usually have an autopsy to determine cause of death. It would have been preferable to put Osama on trial, but to my knowledge their is no evidence to back up the interminable accusations of Washington so they certainly would not want a court trial. I could go on for ever about American duplicity, but to sum up in one line, Americans in Washington tell lies. If they had kept Osama's body they would have been believable. The nonsense that they did not want Osama to be a shrine is just that; nonsense. They do seem to be able to get some people to believe them, but I do not intend to start believing in Santa Claus just yet. You can if you wish.

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