Memogate commission: Proceedings adjourned till Supreme Court issues order

Commission adjourns proceedings till Supreme Court passes order regarding Haqqani's application.

Web Desk March 26, 2012

ISLAMABAD: The judicial commission probing the Memogate scandal adjourned the proceedings till the Supreme Court passes its orders in Husain Haqqani's application to have his statement recorded via video link.

Haqqani, former ambassador to US, was summoned today, but he challenged the summon and submitted an application in the Supreme Court to have his statement recorded abroad via video link, as was done in the case of Ijaz.

During the proceeding, Haqqani’s counsel Zahid Bukhari told the commission that his client has gone to America from London, but cannot come to Pakistan as his life is in danger.

Justice Qazi Faez Isa, heading the commission, remarked that if the former ambassador of the country is not safe then how a common man could be safe in the country.

Bukhari maintained that Haqqani is facing threats from the agencies which Mansoor Ijaz had earlier revealed of having contacts with. Justice Isa responded by saying that this way, Haqqani must not be safe in any part of the world.

During the proceeding, Bukhari gave three options to the commission for future proceedings. The options said that the commission should either exempt Haqqani from further proceedings in view of his earlier submitted statements or wait for the Supreme Court to pass its order in the application filed.

Yasin Malik records his statements

Muhammad Yasin Malik, Chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), also appeared before the commission to clear allegations made against him by Mansoor Ijaz.

Ijaz had alleged that Malik had arranged his meeting with Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) chief. In response to the allegations, Malik had requested the Supreme Court to make him a party to the case.

The commission allowed Malik to record his statements, as earlier he was ordered to only submit a written statement.

Malik told the commission that Ijaz tried to cheat him into meeting a ‘suspicious’ person in Haryana. He added that during a seminar in Haryana, Ijaz used ‘derogatory’ words towards Muslims, which irked him and he threw a shoe at him.

Later that night, Ijaz called him several times but he did not attend his calls. He picked his 11th call, in which Ijaz apologised to him and said that former prime minister Benazir Bhutto wanted to talk to him, detailed Malik.


Speaking to the media on Monday morning, Malik said that he has come to the commission personally and has not hired any lawyer as there is “no need to lie”.

“I don’t want a lawyer who would do his job of turning lies into truth and truth into lies. God willingly, truth will prevail,” he said.


Democrat | 12 years ago | Reply


welcome to ET with a different name... just like your leader, you can only come with such "ingenious" ideas as to comment from two different names...

come on... MI is the witness...state is the prosecutor and HH along with AZ is the perpetrator..whats so tricky in all this? it does not matter whether the witness is credible or not... what matters is he has some serious allegations against HH and instead of disproving the allegations, what HH and all the jiyalas like you are doing is to question the credibility of the judges and the witness...come on...grow up... these tactics are not going to work in any courtroom of the world... so stick to the basics and prove your innocence with solid proofs...who is going to believe HH when he says he lost his black berry and he does not remember his PIN? come on...

Mirza | 12 years ago | Reply

@Ehsan Shah: Thanks a lot for making sense and explain the facts. In every case there is prosecution, defense, witness and judge. They cannot be the same and do their respective jobs. In this case who is the prosecutor? Who is the witness? Who are the neutral judges? Who has actually committed the alleged crime? In the Memogate scam the judges have become prosecutor too. Their whole case is based upon the confessed actor of the crime and the star witness of the case. This witness is an open enemy of Pakistan, army, govt, and Kashmiri freedom fighters. With the help of their only witness who actually has committed all the action and has no credibility they are framing the elected govt. Thanks again and regards, Mirza

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