Pakistan world's third largest arms recipient, India number one

India accounts for 10% of global arms imports, Pakistan 5%.

Express March 19, 2012

The arms race (2007-2011) is firmly centered in Asia, with India being the world’s largest recipient of arms, followed by South Korea and Pakistan and China tied at third place, revealed the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in a new study on international arms transfers.

India accounts for 10% of global arms imports; South Korea 6%; Pakistan 5%; China 5% and Singapore 4%. China was the largest recipient of arms exports from 2002-06, but it fell to fourth place in 2007-11.

According to a report by IANS, the data uncovered that Asia and Oceania account for 44% of global arms imports, followed by Europe 19%; the Middle East 17% and the Americas at 11%. Africa was the lowest with 9%.

The volume of worldwide arms transfers in 2007-11 was 24% higher than in 2002-06 and the five largest arms importers in 2007-11 were all Asian states.

Between 2002-06 and 2007-11, the volume of Chinese arms exports increased by 95 percent and now China ranks as the sixth largest supplier of arms in the world.


Ash | 9 years ago | Reply

Continued arms race between the two sub-continent means that millions of people in India and Pakistan will starve, several thousands of them would die of non-availability of medicine, several soldiers would die because of exchange of firing on the border and millions of unknown children would remain uneducated. On the other hand children of our leaders would continue to study in Oxford as they will have to takeover the helms of the affairs of their respective countries. Can any one of us answer that When our states would become welfare states? When we will get education without any charges? When a motorcycle struggler would go to sleep without any tension? When our media would stop glorifying their news items based on haterd? When a person pursuing PhD would be supported by the Government?

Ak | 9 years ago | Reply @Zeta: I think when Pakistanis talk about poverty it is not due to any concern, its just a spiteful comment. The level of delusion is so much that they don't even know that Pakistan has a higher rates of poverty with no future propects of increasing growth to wipe it out. As far as India is concerned, we don't have ambitions of lets say capturing power through proxy in a nieghbouring country. We are far more grounded, of course we have our nutcases but then they in a minority unlike Pakistan. We are rather focused on Economic development to get out of poverty.
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