Multiple sources available for funding Pak-Iran pipeline: Khar

Khar's statement comes after a Chinese bank backed off from funding the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline.

Our Correspondent March 14, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar said on Wednesday that there were multiple sources available for funding the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline and that a Chinese bank's decision to back off from funding the project will not affect plans to import gas from the neighbouring country.

“There are multiple sources available and this is fairly a very viable project,” Khar told reporters at a joint news conference with her Swedish counterpart Carl Bildt in Islamabad.

Khar brushed aside the impression that the Chinese decision would affect the country’s plan to import gas from neighboring Iran. Pakistan is pursuing the project despite mounting US pressure to abandon the project.

Parliamentary review of US ties

The foreign minister insisted that the government’s decision to rewrite terms of engagement with the US, NATO and ISAF will expand cooperation with international players instead of contracting it.

“We hope that the world will respect the new terms of engagement,” she said, adding that Pakistan wanted to assist western forces stationed in Afghanistan with a smooth exit from the war-torn country.

Khar pointed out that Pakistan and the west had "convergence" on the issue of Afghanistan, but the area of difference was the "tools" being used to achieve the ending objective.

Pakistan seeks justice for US killing in Kandhar

The foreign minister strongly condemned the killing of 16 Afghan civilians including children by a US solider in Afghanistan. “We condemn this act in the strongest possible terms and we want that the person responsible for this must be brought to justice,” she said.

The Swedish foreign minister, whose country is also part of the ISAF, expressed his “deepest regret”’ over the incident.

“We hope this will not affect the overall policy in Afghanistan,” he said.

Pakistan-Sweden bilateral ties

Khar said Pakistan and Sweden have decided to double the existing volume of bilateral trade from $450 million to $900 million by 2014.

The Swedish foreign minister said his country endorsed Pakistan’s position that trade, not aid was the solution to the problem.


EXPAT | 10 years ago | Reply

@ dear country mates: Please do not take all political talk on it's face value, as this seems more of a pre-election political stint from the foreign minister. Moreover, there are more serious ways of sourcing energy to our country. I hope this issue turns out good for Pakistan.

@ to all indian friends : guys n gals, chill out...... you people of the great country, I fail to understand, the fact, that, how is this myopia helping you & your country, other than fuelling the self inflicting beliefs. I am surprised, you can think of prospering, with your neighbouring country in abyss. How on earth can india prosper, if Pakistan is a mess. I would strongly suggest, you to all to think of competing & winning from the world, instead of trying to win from Pakistan. Pakistan & India, if they have to prosper, can only do so, by being close allies of each other. Just remember, one of the strongest points, we both have in common are the similarity in our populace at every level, which provides a very strong reason for synergizing our efforts for the collective benefit & reap upon each others strengths. We have been fools to have fought 3 battles, as both of us have been the biggest losers, with the U.S, RUSSIAN & the arms suppliers from Britain the biggest winners.

I am sure all of us, are wise enough to choose the right course of action for ourselves & our future generations.

dv sikka | 10 years ago | Reply

It is a funny marriage of convenience between a communal country and a communist country. Pakistan needs to understand that it needs its own legs to stand and not stand on the crutches provided by China. Pakistan will do better if it looks at its neighbours as friends.There is no ideologoligal commonality between Pak and China. By its Anti-India policies it has nothing to gain.

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