PTA determined to block websites with 'objectionable' content

Sources in PTA say the authority blocks websites through its licensees.

March 09, 2012
PTA determined to block websites with 'objectionable' content

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Friday reiterated its stance to provide a cost effective, automated and transparent system for blocking websites that promote "blasphemous and objectionable content."    

PTA, being the telecom regulator in the country, will implement policies to block websites with "blasphemous, un-Islamic, offensive, objectionable, unethical, and immoral material."

Talking to APP, official sources in PTA said, "We will also see the viability of permanently blocking the websites involved in unethical and illegal activities."

PTA's mandate is to regulate the telecommunication system in Pakistan, officials said adding that it does not regulate content transmitted directly or indirectly, nor does it control the sources of the content outside Pakistan.

The sources further said that PTA, as and when directed by government, blocks websites through its licensees.

An Inter-Ministerial Committee was constituted in 2006 to evaluate materials and requests, for blocking websites and gave recommendations to the Ministry of Information Technology for issuance of necessary directives after scrutiny, for filtering and blocking by PTA.

The Lahore High Court, in various cases, has also provided guidelines for strict action against offensive websites.

The Inter-Ministerial Committee keeps a vigilant eye on the websites and in case of any objectionable material concerning the "religious faith of any group", is bound to take prompt action.


ht312 | 12 years ago | Reply

@Um@ir: My problem with banning is the filtering of information not just porn. Proxies are a way around but you have to change it from time to time and sometimes you don't find a working proxy. But the main problem is the more filters PTA puts up in the DNS, the more time it will take to send requests to a server.Our internet will go slow! and then its our money which they are using to set up the system (10 million dollars) Our money being used for a purpose that is useless and pathetic. More people will start watching cause it's going to create curiosity.

Um@ir | 12 years ago | Reply

@Foreigner I must appreciate your concern, No offense but I disagree with you there was never a misrepresentation, Indeed in my opinion it's our negligence from the religion that's led us to this situation

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