Marri vs Rashdi: Of make-up, poor English and intimidation

Sindh Assembly ruckus erupts with Shazia Marri alleging Rashdi could not speak proper English.

Web Desk March 06, 2012

KARACHI: Sindh Information Minister Shazia Marri and MPA Marvi Rashdi continued their row in the Sindh Assembly on Tuesday bombarding each other with personal allegations.

The ruckus erupted after Rashdi presented a resolution in the assembly saying that the identity cards of adopted children should have the names of the step-parents in a separate section implying that the children are adopted.

Marri, apparently offended by the ‘sensitive issue’, snapped back at Rashdi alleging that she could not even speak properly in English. To this, Rashdi retorted by saying that women like Marri do ‘face-painting’ by putting on several layers on make-up to intimidate others.

Speaking to the media after the session, Rashdi said that she would not be intimidated by the likes of Marri. “I will not stay quiet… I will not be intimidated by her.”

Marri speaking to Express News denied creating an uproar in the assembly and said that she was only objecting to the resolution. “I only objected on the issue. I reserve the right to either object or support.”

Marri added that Rashdi has a habit of screaming in all the sessions.

The Sindh Assembly session on Monday also witnessed a similar drama after these two women started shouting at each other on the issue of Balochistan.


Cynical | 9 years ago | Reply

Not being proficient in english (even spoken) is not a crime. It can be taught and learned.Rashdi can enroll to one of many tutorials that have sprouted all over the country to train people to speak queen's english. The two I can recall at random are, 1.Shoaib Akhtar Institute of Spoken English 2.Inzamam-ul-haq ki angrezi madarassa

Ahmer Ali | 9 years ago | Reply

This is the real and true face of billionaire politicians of the poor nation and Pakistan.The well-wishers and well-doers during the elections campaigns.

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