Karachi police find five bodies in gunny bags

Deceased were members of the same family, who were murdered brutally late Tuesday night.

Web Desk February 29, 2012

KARACHI: Five bodies, bundled up in gunny bags, were found on Wednesday from a house located in the Askari-III residential compound near Cantt Station in Karachi.

Three bodies were of women while two were of men, said Superintendent of Police Saddar Town, Tariq Dharejo.

According to Express News correspondent Wasiq Muhammad, the deceased were members of the same family, who were murdered brutally late Tuesday night.

A watchman, who worked near the house named Muhammad Sadiq revealed that when he came to the house, around 1:15pm, he found that the main gate was left ajar.

He then entered the house and found bodies in gunny bags.

He informed the police immediately, who conducted a raid and shifted the bodies to Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre for an autopsy and started an investigation.

The police suspect that a family member might be involved in the killing, because the tight security in the Askari-III locale and the 10-feet-high walls of the house left little chance for an outsider to break into the house.

The police added that there was a possibility that the deceased were given sedatives and were then murdered.

Head of the family Muhammad Arif’s nephew Muhammad Rauf told Express News that they [the deceased] did not have enmity with anyone and that they had good relations with people in the neighbourhood as well.

Senior Superintendent of Police Naeem Sheikh revealed that the motive of the murderers was to kill the family members and escape. He said that this is because after inspecting the house, police found out that the murderers did not steal anything from the house.

While stating that 2-3 people were involved in the murder, the police said that this might be done by somebody who knew the family personally.


Tony C. | 9 years ago | Reply

@Rajendra Kalkhande: Dear Rajendra Kalkhande, You are half way correct in what you say, but feeling safe in a Western Country? I really have to disagree with you on that. Try travelling in some areas of U.K. and America. You can so easily be mugged for money or just plain old assaulted for pleasure. I could go into some areas of Europe but even Express Tribune would start to become worried about the amount of space required. Have you heard about Australia? Assaults of Indian students became so bad that large numbers of them have stopped going to Australia for their studies, and the State Premier of Victoria has made several visits to India in order to placate a, quite rightly, very upset Indian Government. It is just a fact of life that crime exists everywhere, It does not matter if the country is Muslim, Christian or Hindu. There are low life people everywhere, at all levels of society, and they will steal, or injure or kill or all three depending upon their particular mental makeup. I am afraid the police, everywhere, will never be out of a job.

Taufiq | 9 years ago | Reply The people who murdered the innocent people including a child were ruthless , I would charge the President,PM , sindh chief minister, police chief for the murder, because they fail to provide adequate security to the citizen of the country. These murderer will never be found because they are connected to political mafia or to the current mafia government. 0
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