US drone goes down in a ball of fire over North Waziristan

Offica­ls are uncert­ain what exactl­y contri­buted to the crash. US denies it was shot down.

WASHINGTON/ PESHAWAR: An unmanned US aircraft crashed in the Machikhel area of North Waziristan, officials said on Saturday.

The unmanned US drone crashed and fell in the Machikhel area of Mira Ali Tehsil, North Wazirstan due to what officials believe was a "technical failure”, though they could not offer a reason with complete authority.

"A drone aircraft was seen going down in Machikhel and flames were seen," an intelligence official said.

However, locals told The Express Tribune that after the drone crashed, its debris caught fire.

It was still unclear what type of a drone it was.

The Express Tribune is presently trying to acquire more details on the crash.

Reuters adds

Taliban militants led by Hafiz Gul Bahadur said they had collected wreckage of the destroyed drone and would provide its pictures to the media on Sunday.

"The drone today in Machikhel was flying at low altitude and our fighters fired at and shot it down," a local commander of the Taliban said. "We have trained people for such type of job."

It is impossible to verify the militants' account, security officials said.

At least two US drones had crashed in Pakistani territory in 2011. One small drone had crashed near Chaman, while a second had crashed in South Waziristan.

US denies drone was shot down

A US official, on condition of anonymity, has told The Express Tribune that reports of a drone being shot down in North Waziristan are untrue.


the Skunk | 9 years ago | Reply

How right you are, my brother in Islam. This is a frank opinion.

Yes my brother, our servile politicians sell their blood to the Americans for the worth of gutter water for whatever it is worth. They go further, by telling the Americans and Europeans that the common citizens' blood is not blood but gutter water, so you can get more for the price of one worthless unit of exchange.

Our leaders are invertebrate politicians and it is fearful that the PTI and MQM will also take their lead and behave similarly.

Salams to Pakistan

well-wisher | 9 years ago | Reply

@Pakistani: US or China ?

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