Rotary Club's Pakistan cricket team expelled from India during match

Indian CIA interrogates Pakistani team during match, expels the for carrying wrong visas.

Web Desk February 25, 2012

Rotary Club’s Pakistan cricket team was expelled from India on Saturday during a match in Mumbai after Indian Central Investigative Agency (CIA) found that the team had the wrong visa.

According to Express News, the CIA team reached the cricket ground where Pakistan was playing against India in the Wapi area of Mumbai and called for an investigation into the Pakistani team’s visas.

The CIA found that the Pakistani team was carrying a visa for Daman, an area of Mumbai adjacent to Wapi, and thus ordered the expulsion of the team.

After a 2-3 hour long interrogation, the Pakistani team was sent to Delhi from Mumbai where they departed for Pakistan.

The authorities in India expressed shock over the incident and claimed that they were not aware that there were different visas for Daman and Wapi areas. They requested the CIA to pardon the team, but to no avail.


Che-ngrez Cahn! | 9 years ago | Reply

@ all Pakistanis. There are over 3000 rotary clubs in India alone. Mumbai alone has 120 rotary clubs. So this is only a club issue, not as if pakistans cricket team were expelled. Why do the subcontinent people make a mountain out of every silly molehill????

Che-ngrez Cahn! | 9 years ago | Reply

@Hafeez: @ all pakistani bloggers. No indian newspaper reported this incident. Both Pakistan and India issue " CITY SPECIFIC" visas and visitors are banned from travelling elsewhere. If the Rotary Club team did not know rules, they had to be extradited. Pakistanis should blame and be angry at the team which displayed such utter ignorance of rules. No one can travel to Europe without a visa, despite having open borders. If caught, the person is jailed. Pakistani authorities treats the rules exactly the same way as India. So all bloggers, Please chill. Stop blaming India for all and every misery that befells on anything pakistani. Ignorance may be bliss, but it causes lots of troubles!

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