Memogate: Mansoor Ijaz produces phone records, fax transcripts

Before enteri­ng the High Commis­sion, Ijaz said that his testim­ony might conclu­de today.

Web Desk February 24, 2012

Mansoor Ijaz along with his wife arrived at the Pakistan High Commission in London on the third day of recording his testimony with a judicial commission probing the Memogate scandal, Express News reported Friday.

Before entering the High Commission, Ijaz said that his testimony might conclude today. Ijaz’s wife was also granted the permission to attend the session.

Justice Qazi Faez Isa is heading the commission in the Islamabad High Court. Zahid Bukhari, counsel of former ambassador to United States Hussain Haqqani, and Ijaz’s counsel Akram Sheikh are also present in the court.

During the testimony, Ijaz presented his phone’s bill before the commission. Bukhari raised objections on the bill and said that it does not have Ijaz’s name or his number.

Responding to Bukhari, Ijaz said that the bill could only be shown to the commission’s secretary or the judges in the panel.

Ijaz also presented transcripts of the correspondence done with Haqqani over fax.

Pointing out the bills, Ijaz said that total 14 calls were made from his phone, out of which, 11 conference calls were made during May, 2011, between him, General James and Haqqani.

The commission directed Ijaz that call records from his mobile phone company be obtained and e-mailed to the commission.

Ijaz refused to disclose the details of the remaining three calls.

The judicial commission also ordered the commission’s secretary to protect all the records and evidence provided by Ijaz so that it could be handed over to the commission in Pakistan on his return.

In yesterday’s hearing, Ijaz had admitted that he had authored the first draft of the memo himself and had sent it to General James Jones, to pass on to then-chairman joint chiefs of staff admiral Mike Mullen, without former ambassador Husain Haqqani’s consent.


Somia | 9 years ago | Reply

To see a non-issue like the memo getting so much attention while all else is put on the backburner is quite tragic. Pakistan is already going through one of the roughest patches in its history. Now there is a likely confrontation between three state institutions — the military, the judiciary and the executive — based on a piece of paper whose origins are not yet known. Turning Pakistan into a laughingstock is something Mansoor Ijaz has already achieved but the real litmus test would be the day he comes here with solid evidence in hand.

Musa Khan | 9 years ago | Reply

Mansoor Iaz and his wife seem to be posing like Paris Hilton in the pictures. Only problem is his wife is a pretty fat for the posing that she has been upto. Not much that Mansoor Ijaz can show off. The guy seems to have to be a wanna be I-banker with hot women around him but i guess because of his looks he only gets Second Best...HAHAH

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