Plane crash: Grandma makes lucky escape

Bushra Bibi was enjoying the weather whilst resting on a swing outside her house when the two-seater Cessna crashed.

Rana Yasif February 23, 2012


An elderly woman narrowly escaped death when a small airplane crashed into the driveway of her home in Model Town on Thursday afternoon, though she didn’t notice.

Bushra Bibi was enjoying the weather whilst resting on a swing outside her house in H Block when the two-seater Cessna crashed. “She was just feet away from the crash but she was unaware as she has hearing problems,” said Ayesha Hussain, Bushra Bibi’s granddaughter.

“My brother Umar was in the TV lounge and the windows broke. He ran outside and brought her in with my grandfather,” she said.

They spent the next few minutes wondering whether they should throw water on the wreck to prevent an explosion or stay inside where it was safe, she said. Eventually, her brother and grandfather did throw some water on the plane, she said.

Iftikhar Shah, who lives next door, said he spotted the aircraft when it was very close to the ground and he ran inside for fear he would be caught in an explosion. “I’ve seen the family there sitting in the driveway when the sun is out,” he said. “Luckily they were not there today.”

Irfan Ali, a driver in a nearby house, said he was sitting outside with some other people when he saw the plane falling towards them. “At first we thought it was deliberately doing somersaults. But it was too close to the ground and we realised that it was falling,” he said.

“We ran inside and there was a loud bang. We lay down on the ground. After a few seconds I looked outside and saw the plane had crashed into the house across the street.”

Published in The Express Tribune, February 24th, 2012.


alicia | 10 years ago | Reply Well the grandmother had luck on her side. I would just say extremely immature and disgusting reporting by pakistan's "azad" media on the issue. On one channel they showed dead bodies strewn all over the place and made a special point to focus the camera on human remains during live coverage. On another tv channel the camera men thrust his mike into one of the grieving fathers face to get his reaction. Some tv anchors were presenting the news with extreme masala like something spectacular had happened. Very sad and depressing that no one had stopped them.
Simb | 10 years ago | Reply

Besides, the title sounds insensitive.

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