20th Amendment against PTI: Imran Khan

PML-N reject­s allega­tions. Says statem­ent made by PTI shows lack of knowle­dge regard­ing the amendm­ent.

Zahid Gishkori/web Desk February 21, 2012

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairperson Imran Khan said on Tuesday that the 20th Amendment was stacked up against his party in particular because PTI was becoming a real electoral threat to both, the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

“The 20th Amendment was just passed by the PPP and PML-N to strengthen their hold on power and to prevent PTI from sweeping the next general elections,” said Khan.

Strongly rejecting the amendment, Khan said that PML-N continues to support the wrongdoings of the government so that both the PPP and PML-N could have a share in the corrupt power structures prevailing at present.

Calling it a fraud and violation of the Constitution and democratic principles, Imran said the amendment condones elections carried out against the provisions of the Constitution.

“A complete fraud has been committed by the government in collusion with the main opposition party,” Imran stated.

Khan alleged that Rs366.1 million were released in a matter of five hours for Senators, simply to get the 20th Amendment through the Senate, however the release of development or relief funds was prevented and delayed because of corruption and bribery.

PML-N, however, rejected the allegations stating that the statements made by PTI shows their lack of knowledge regarding the historic amendment. “PTI should respect the Parliament’s decision by following democratic norms,” said PML-N leader Senator Mushahidullah Khan. “Imran Khan should read the content of the 20th Amendment first and then issue such a statement,” he added.

Election Commission of Pakistan

Criticising the Election Commission of Pakistan’s right to choose caretaker prime minister and chief minister, Imran said the election commissions are meant to maintain a check over governments during elections and to ensure non-interference and neutrality.

“If ECP appoints a caretaker government, it will divest itself from performing the task of ensuring free, fair and transparent elections,” Imran added.


amanat | 9 years ago | Reply

20th AMENDMENT HAS BEEN MADE TO GIVE COVERAGE to the members elected on the basis of fraudulent lists of voters who mostly belong to PPP. and PML(N). This is the result of compromise between both parties. The Interim Government will be formed by mutual consent and agreement between both the parties. They will definitely choose Interim Prime Minister and other ministers by mutual consent who wil be their faourites and will support them in the coming elections. Other parties specially those who have no reprentation in the current parliament will be the worst sufferers. As a matter of fact this is the beginning of fraudulent practice of winning the coming elections. Similarly the Chief Election Commissioner will also be appointed with the consent of these two parties and he will also not be a neutral person. They have thus made an alliance to win the elections through foul means of which they are accustomed as they cannot afford free and fair elections. All the parties whether they are in or out of the parliament must be consulted before forming Interim government otherwise there wil be anrchy in the country and a situation of 1977 elections will be created. CEC should also be appointed with the consultation of all parties including PTI and Jamat Islami and all oter parties. This is very important for free and fair elections.

Najeeb | 9 years ago | Reply

PPP and nawaz partys are not for Pakistanis they should understand last. 30 years they are in power what they have done for people of Pakistan specially Sind and Baluchistan people of Pakistan should vote to imran khan bcoz he is real Pakistani after baba Jinnah we have gifted by Allah ji so respect him plz

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