You’ll never forget your first snog

International frozen yogurt chain, Snog, comes to Karachi.

Hani Taha February 17, 2012


Its very name has caused quite a stir amongst those who know what this provocative British slang means, but believe it or not, ‘Snog’, is actually coined from the words snow and yogurt. For all the censuring that Sara Gheewala, the young director at Snog, gets, she has now resigned to saying, “You can snog with your Froyo too.” For all those who are catching onto this frozen yogurt trend, this is surely what they will do with the myriad of options for frozen yogurt brands opening across the metropolis.

“Froyo has been the ‘it’ thing abroad for a while now. But you know how delayed the Pakistan market is when it comes to catching on any trend,” says Gheewala. She certainly isn’t the first to initiate the trend and is honest enough to admit it. “I realise I am the third entrant in the market but I’m glad that I am launching it at a time when people have already become familiar to the concept.” She has sent out 1,500 invites for her official launch today which is slated to be a street party, amplified by the dance troupe Act One.

However, prior to this animated launch, Gheewala held a bloggers meet earlier this week to officially open doors for business. Many would argue that blogging perhaps isn’t the most effective way to catch people’s attention in a country with limited connectivity. Gheewala, however, disagrees, “I think blogging is extremely powerful. Traditional methods of advertising are obsolete now and people have shifted to e-vertising since marketing, to a large extent, has become stronger with word-of-mouth through social connections.”

Unlike local froyo brands though, the flavours at Snog are not overpowering and the product tastes like yogurt and not another variation of ice cream. However, Snog is much more expensive than other froyo brands in town. Tutti Frutti, also a global chain, is not too pricey as it’s priced according to weight (the concept ensures patrons get what they pay for) whereas Snog starts with Rs340 for a plain cup. “We are trendier,” defends Gheewala. “Plus Snog is an international franchise; our toppings are fresh and we have to maintain a certain consistency by default. Also it’s fat-free and sugar-free.” All attributes that even Tutti Frutti has, except for the fact that Snog offers a fabulous fruit parfait and smoothies, as well as unique toppings such as granola and agave nectar.

Snog’s own unique concoctions

Natural yogurt with coconut flavouring

Natural yogurt with nuts and cookies

Natural yogurt with granola and agave nectar

Blueberry yogurt with fresh fruits and agave nectar

Published in The Express Tribune, February 18th, 2012.


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Sam | 9 years ago | Reply

Snog is a Pure Frozen Yogurt. Fat Free Sugar Free Sweetened with Agave Nectar..

saraa g | 9 years ago | Reply Thanks Hani.. great article!
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