Violence against women: Two women’s noses chopped off

Published: February 17, 2012
One woman was attacked over children’s fight, other over ‘honour’.

One woman was attacked over children’s fight, other over ‘honour’.


Two women had their noses chopped in Bahawalpur district this week.

Police said Wazeeran Bibi’s nose was slashed by one of her neighbours over a fight between their children on Wednesday. Doctors treating her said an operation to reattach the nose had been successful. They said she would be discharged from the hospital in about two weeks.

Wazeera Bibi, a resident of Faiz Waha near Hasilpur, told the police that on Wednesday morning her children were playing with some children from the neighbourhood in the fields, where she worked. She said the children started quarrelling so she ordered her children to go to their home. She said Zahoor, father of one of the children, came and stopped them.

She said when she tried to drag her kids, he pushed one of them. “I shouted at him and told him not to make an issue of a children’s quarrel. At this he started beating me,” she told the police.

She said he snatched a knife from one of the workers in the field and cut her nose before he fled. She was taken to the District Headquarters Hospital, Vehari.

Zareena, a witness to the incident, told The Express Tribune that Zahoor had misbehaved with Wazeera Bibi. “He was acting as if he had gone mad,” she said.

A man cut his wife’s nose in Alipur area on Tuesday on suspicion of an illicit relationship.

Fatehpur Road resident Yousaf reportedly confessed to the police. He accused his wife of loose morals. “I did this to save the honour of my family. I am not at all ashamed,” he told the police.

The woman was attacked at her parents’ home. She was taken to the DHQ Hospital by her mother and some neighbours. Doctors treating her said that she was now out of danger. They said they had operated on her nose and that she would recover in a few weeks. She told the police that her husband had been unemployed for several months. She said she had worked as a maid. She said he had a drinking habit and had been forcing her to give him the money she earned.

“On Tuesday, when he again wanted money, I refused to give it to him and he assaulted me for it,” she said.

Her mother told The Express Tribune that after her argument with her husband, her daughter had come over to live with her. She said Yousaf came to her house and asked her for money. On her refusal, he attacked her in front of her. She said there was no one around to save her daughter.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 17th, 2012.

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