Demands on election commission reasonable, says Sharif

Sharif says ECP’s negligence stirred “serious crisis” in bogus votes issue, ECP should be held responsible if...

Sidrah Moiz February 08, 2012

BAHAWALPUR: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Nawaz Sharif said on Wednesday that his demands about the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) are “reasonable” and that his party will not accept the government’s move if it is not based on a consensus.

Earlier, the PML-N had called for appointing a new chief of the ECP to replace what it considers a ‘handpicked’ choice of President Asif Ali Zardari.

Speaking on bogus votes in the electoral rolls, Sharif said that it is ECP’s negligence which has stirred a “serious crisis” and if it is proved then the ECP should be held responsible.

Sharif said that the government would be in a better position had they held elections earlier. “I think it will be in favour of the government if the elections are held even before September or October. The sooner it is, the better it will be.”

‘We are the ones who exposed NRO’

Sharif said that the National Reconciliation Ordinance “would have been passed in the assembly and be made a law” had PML-N not intervened.

“We are the ones who exposed the NRO. The credit goes to us for being a hurdle in its way,” said the PML-N chief.

He further said that the characters behind the Memogate scandal have conspired against Pakistan’s nuclear programme and its army. “Our people [PML-N] still go to the courts in order to raise our voice against the issue.”

‘Province of Bahawalpur will not be based on ethnic, linguistic grounds’

The PML-N chief said that the province of Bahawalpur will not be based on any ethnic or linguistic grounds. He said that the province should have been formed earlier, but the rights of the people of Bahawalpur were “ignored”.

“We will do anything to form a Bahawalpur province,” said Sharif.

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s qamber ali shah | 9 years ago | Reply

Mian shaib and his croonies may never read this But high time he should come out for the Correct Perpective of things to shape the best for the Down Trodden Masses?? whay is he so keen on getting elected, He will gain popularity by deed not the presentt work, in supporting WRONGS against Right. He should side all the Truth and give up the fancy and lust for power at the cost of the poor and voiceless ???

s qamber ali shah | 9 years ago | Reply

Mian Sahib has a fantabulous agenda,?? question is why is he waiting for negotiations, why can he not spell out the best of governamance and wait for he is well aware that wrong will never truimph??

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