'How can I trust Rehman Malik, who is the worst form of Haqqani'

Ijaz's counsel insists army has to provide him security in line with the order of the commission.

Web Desk/faisal Shakeel January 21, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Mansoor Ijaz’s counsel, Akram Sheikh, insists that the army has to provide him security in line with the order of the commission probing the Memogate scandal.

He said Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Security Division Dr Mujibur Rahman Khan called him up and told him that Ijaz’s security was the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior.

“How can I trust Rehman Malik, who is the worst form of Husain Haqqani?” Sheikh remarked.

“On January 9, and again on January 16, the commission issued directions that the army will provide security to my client,” Sheikh told The Express Tribune.

Sheikh said the government wanted to prevent the commission from receiving valuable evidence, which proved the exchange of messages between Ijaz and Haqqani, adding that it linked President Asif Ali Zardari to the memo.

He said that he had also written letters to the Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and Attorney General Maulvi Anwarul Haq to remind them that Ijaz’s security rested with the army.

Speaking on Express News, the veteran lawyer said that Ijaz, his family, and his lawyers had demanded of him to provide a guarantee that Ijaz, his electronic equipment, which bears evidence for which there exist no other copy, will not be harmed, and that he will be free to come and go as he pleased, as a precondition for traveling to Pakistan. “I, at this point, with all my experience, cannot guarantee that,” he said.

He added that recent statements from certain members of the government only served to heighten Ijaz’s fears in coming to Pakistan. “Rehman Malik saying he will put Mansoor Ijaz’s name on the Exit Control List, and Shazia Marri threatening to file a case against my client, why are they threatening Mansoor Ijaz at the 11th hour?”

He pointed out that as per the Supreme Court ruling, the judicial commission also had the option of recording Ijaz’s testimony outside Pakistan.

With the Advocate General office not responding in the stipulated time, Sheikh said he would file an application against the government for committing contempt of court by ignoring its order on the provision of security to his client by the army.

“I would also move the commission through contempt application,” he added.

A copy of the letter written to General Kayani can be read here.

A copy of the letter written to the Attorney General can be read here.


Khalid Pathan | 9 years ago | Reply From the very outset this memo business looks suspicious. Now the author of this meme is dragging his feet and looking for excuses to avoid the judicial panel on the pretext of security. Let him share his information by video conferencing. Cross examination will make every thing crystal clear.
Razi | 9 years ago | Reply

@Much Amused: he is not into such type of videos....I meant the testifying types :) :)

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