PTI will contact all but PML-N: Imran Khan

PTI chairman expresses support for judiciary, says his party will not back military takeover.

Ema Anis January 12, 2012

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan ruled out the possibility of making an alliance with the Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (PML-N), while speaking to the media in Lahore on Thursday.

Bashing the PML-N, Khan said that it was the N-league which had supported the current government and is a part of the system which it talks about changing.

“We will not join the PML-N… We will contact all other parties,” he said while adding that the PML-N is responsible for the government still being in power.

When the Supreme Court was going to take action against the government on the NRO issue, we called for elections, but Nawaz Sharif said that he wanted to save the system, Khan added.

“If the PML-N is serious about their stance, then why is it not resigning from the assemblies?” he questioned.

He added that the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) issue has shaken up the political situation of the country and the “political mafia is attacking the judiciary to cover up their theft”.

The party chief announced that his party will hold a central executive meeting on January 14 to gather the likeminded people who are willing to back the judiciary in case it is attacked. “The Supreme Court is the only institution which has kept our country safe, otherwise, the NRO beneficiaries would have sold off the country by now.”

“Nawaz had said to [President Asif Ali] Zardari that even if the PPP [Pakistan Peoples Party] leaves you, we will be standing with you.” But, he said, that his party is standing up to democracy and the Constitution of the country and “will not back any military takeover”.

He added that the only democratic solution to the problems of the country is free and fair elections. Around 45% of the electoral rolls in 2008 elections were fake, hence new electoral rolls should be made for fair elections to get out of the current mess, Khan said.

“The nation can see that the government is trying to become a martyr, but a martyr is one who dies for a noble cause… If they make a sacrifice for the sake of their bank accounts, then the whole nation will distribute sweets on the roads for their 'martyrdom',” the party chief said.

Commenting on the current government-military rift, Khan said that government should only listen to the Supreme Court as it has run out of time for an APC (All Parties Committee) meeting.


Bangish | 9 years ago | Reply

I would like to inform you that before three days we saw in Jeedah airport 400 pakintanis female house maids arrived from Pakistan

So as per our opinion its really ashamed for us as a muslims and as admirable Nation

So kindly take action on this matter

Kind Regards

fatima | 9 years ago | Reply Imran Khan cant seem to get out of Mian phobia. When ppl want to hear abt wat he thinks abt PPP malignments he cant get mian out of his head. Please focus on Zardari sometimes also
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