Pilot-to-tower recording disclosed

The pilot of the ill-fated Airblue flight acknowle­dged that he was headed close to the Margalla hills.

Express July 28, 2010

Sources in the Civil Aviation Authorities have revealed the last conversation between the pilot and the control tower.

Sources have said that the control tower issued an initial warning when the plane was getting out of the limits of the runway. The plane was travelling at nine point five nautical miles while it had to turn at five nautical miles.

Meanwhile the following conversation has bee disclosed as yet:

Control tower's first warning: You are getting away from the runway.

Pilot's response: We can see the runway.

Control tower's second warning: Turn to your left immediately, you are heading towards Margalla Hills.

Pilot's response: We can see that.

This was the last reply form the pilot and then the flight lost its contact with the control tower and soon after it crashed.

CAA submits initial report

Meanwhile, Civil Aviation Authorities compiled their initial investigation report into the tragic plane crash.

According to the report sent to the Defence Ministry, poor visibility and the plane flying below the given altitude were the cause of the incident.

The report also revealed that a Chinese airplane was asked to land at the Islamabad airport at the same time but the pilot did not take the risk and instead changed his course.

But, the pilot of the Airblue flight took a wrong turn and instead of going right, it moved towards the left side and ended up colliding with the Margalla Hills.

Sources said that an FIR will also be lodged on the basis of the initial inquiry report.


Khawar | 13 years ago | Reply I don't think this is the real conversation between the pilot and ATC. This does not sound like pilot language!!
asad kibrya | 13 years ago | Reply What i think is that it is not what it looks like and what the government officials are portraying it like. The actual reality is something else and in my opinion it was a hijack and the plane was containing some higher rank officials which our government is not disclosing as usual who may be assigned to attend some meeting or fullfill some project and the crash was a hurdle to stop it !
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