Salmaan Taseer on Twitter: The gloves-off politician

Taseer was never short of words be it for his political opponents, militants, Indians or just regular people.

Shaheryar Popalzai January 04, 2012

Former Governor Salmaan Taseer was never short of words, be it for his political opponents, militants and extremists, Indians interacting with him or just regular people on Twitter looking to pick a fight.

Taseer joined Twitter on October 6, 2009. His initial tweets focused more on the former governor’s daily agenda and self-promotion, but this later branched into hitting back at political opponents (specifically the Sharif brothers) and commenting on a host of other issues.

On the politics front, Taseer never missed a chance to take a jab at the Sharif brothers and the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N), and was also an early critic of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chief Imran Khan.

Taseer was also fond of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and would tweet about the sacrifices he made for the PPP during General Ziaul Haq’s tenure and also about slain party leader Benazir Bhutto.

He was also a vocal critic of the Indian Army in Kashmir and would equate its presence to the actions of Israeli forces in Palestine.

The following list of select Twitter updates from the late governor’s profile encompass his online political persona.

(Tweets have been proofread for readability)




  • MQM in Punjab? Excellent all parties should go national.

  • I only wish PML N could get off the GT road and go national.

  • In May I will complete 2yrs as Governor Punjab. Please send your flowers gifts etc to Raiwind to thank the Sharifs for their love and support.

  • Noting with concern the Sharifs are only paying rs5000 per month tax. I have asked for them to be included in the Benazir Income Support Program.

  • Let the Sharifs teach the UK Conservative Party the method of coalitions aka lota's and forward blocks.

  • I heard CM Punjab has joined Twitter after my debut. Imitation is the sincere form of flattery, bare mian to bare mian, chote mian subhanallah

  • Like a newly married wife doesn't take her husband’s name PML N refuses to say TALIBAN.

  • I need input what sharmili dulhan PML N should call Taliban. Tweeters have suggested MERE VO or MUNE KE ABU etc...

  • I'm writing to WWF to replace Panda as symbol of endangered species with Nawaz Sharif! In the political jungle he's become extinct.

  • News item today the US Govt wants to buy Governors House. I think the PML N govt will sell it for $1 provided they take the Governor with it.

  • Nawaz Sharif and George Bush have degrees. Jomo Kenyatta and Mao ze Tung had no degrees. Form your opinion!

  • After a long time PML N has come out Number one for the first time? Topped the list of fake degrees holders by a long way. Mubarik Chote bare Mian

  • Initially I was targeted by PMLN, Islamic fundo hate groups etc. Now it's Hindu lunatics RSS and Pak haters. I must b doing something right!

  • Another Muslim League! PML N< nincompoops Q< qalabaz F < no marks 4 guessing. One has a sher now Shaheen next should have a rat!

  • It's comforting that anti Bhutto forces are led by Nawaz Sharif. If someone with brains was in that position we could face real problems!

  • Shabaz Sharif threatens ANOTHER long march. If he can walk unaided from his new house in model town to Raiwind I'll resign as Governor!

  • Interviewing with Najam Sethi CM Shahbaz said Governor "honest good person". Sethi "Govnor Punjab?" CM "no governor SBP!" I was shattered.



  • Vo jo karz rakhte th jan par vo hisab aj chuka diya... PPP gave the 1973 Constitution and now PPP gives the 18th historical Amendment.

  • 18 Tarameem ka matlab hai 2018 tak Zaradari rehay ga!

  • Told Bangladesh press delegation that by releasing Mujibur Rehman in 1971, Bhutto saved Pakistan from ignominy and shame.

  • In politics there is no ultimate power and no ultimate defeat... 18th Amendment is good for the evolution of power... it is a victory for Pakistan.

  • Signing of 18th Amendment by the President was a historic moment. Some people looked sad! Jahan shehnai bajti hae vahan matam bhi hota hae.

  • Ranj se khoogar hua insaan tu mth jata hae ranj...Mushkelein itne pari mujh par ke ahsaan ho gayen

  • The great Bhutto quoted that Ghalib sher before his judicial murderers in the Supreme Court.

  • Like 1973 constitution what PPP sows is RAPED by others. This time Inshallah PPP will again be in power 2017.

  • Perhaps UK Conservative Party should take advice from PPP as to how form a government with a hung Parliament.

  • Of BB's political life of 30 years she was in office 5 years only. Ironically she is more powerful in death than in her life as an icon visionary.

  • I started my political career with Bibi witnessed the poisonous attacks on the Bhutto's. Today they are the symbol of the federation of Pakistan.



  • Imran Khan says he can solve Pakistan’s Problems in 90 days: terrorism, power, population growth water etc. What about Imran? Who is going to solve that?

  • People messaged me Imran Khan must be given a chance. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for Pakistan it requires 173 seats in the NA. Thank God for democracy.

  • Does this mean we will never be a welfare state! RT @ImranKhanPTI vows to make #Pakistan ‘welfare state if PTI comes to power.

  • Imran Khan and Sarah Palin is a match made in heaven.



  • I'm always amazed to see how eager to believe Pakistanis are when there is anything negative about their country unlike Indians who cover up.

  • The killing fields of Kashmir have overtaken Palestine. Under the cloak of shining India is a brutal story of murder, rape and suppression.

  • The Indian occupation of Kashmir is an exact parallel of the Israelis in Gaza. Same tactics, same brutality.



  • It is a time to stand up for Pakistan. I do not fear the terrorists. Never give in.

  • Wants all Pakistani's to stand firm behind the army and support your troops. A united Pakistan under one flag.

  • How can the ISI aid Taliban who are killing Pakistani troops ? Irresponsible selective WikiLeaks are poison.

  • I'm not a conspiracy believer but there are shadowy spook agencies that cannot see Pakistan as an Islamic moderate democratic nuclear success story.



  • Police beating doctors... Doctors beating media... Media beating lawyers... Lawyers beating police........... Circle complete!

  • Knowledge can only thrive in a liberal atmosphere!

  • Pakistan has been raped by the so called educated, not illiterates. So why do MPs need to be graduates?

  • I have taken leave from the affairs of state to master by new iPad. Who says politicians cannot be techies?

  • I was driving today without security talking on the phone and a policeman challaned me. I had to explain I have constitutional immunity!

  • Legally the governor as constitutional head of province CANNOT be charged for anything including murder! My family is never excused they pay.

  • Other than me which governors, Ministers,CJP, President, PM, Chief ministers etc are on Twitter and listening to the people?

  • Bullet proof car being purchased for protocol use by governor house. Not by me I drive my own car, live in my own house and pay my own utilities.

  • The existing car is 16 yrs old. Representing the Federal government I have to host Presidents international visitors. So can we stop the BS?

  • Next time the Turkish president comes I’ll drive him around on a motorbike and if Hakimullah knocks him off we can tell the world we are too poor.

  • Nothing in the Constitution prohibits a Governor from being member of a political party. So-called Non-political governors turn out the worst.

  • A politician’s personal spending habits are his business as long as he is not stealing from the Government. I know many frugal thieves - we are not Ghandi.

  • Nobody has accused me of a fake degree. NRO safe passage, bank default, tax fraud. Kya baat hae? Maza nahin a raha. I'm feeling left out!

  • A judicial coup cannot work in Pakistan. The only formula is democracy, democracy and more democracy.

  • The best thing about the APML (2) is that both their leaders Chaudhry Shujaat and Pir Pagaro can't speak.

  • One thing is clear from WikiLeaks - that elected persons with peoples mandate don't run Pakistan. Makes elections pointless.

  • Corruption! I believe rich and wealthy are more susceptible to greed than the poor.

  • It is the rich educated and privileged who have destroyed Pakistan, not the poor illiterate and dispossessed.


Rubab A. Zaidi | 9 years ago | Reply

Loved it! Good job for sorting and grouping them out so well!!

adeel759 | 9 years ago | Reply

Great loss......

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