Pakistan tops Google search for ‘Muhammad (pbuh)’, 'Quran'

Pakistan tops the list of countries which searched for Muhammad, Quran, Education and English on Google during 2011.

Express January 02, 2012

Pakistan is ranked number one in the world to search for the word 'Muhammad (pbuh)' and 'Quran'.

A recent report by ProPakistani shows words which were searched the most by Pakistan during the year 2011. The list of those words is as follows:

1. Muhammad (pbuh)

Pakistan tops the list among all countries in the world to search for the word 'Muhammad (pbuh)'. Five Pakistani cities also top the first five spots.

2. Islam                    

Pakistan ranked as number three in the world to search the word 'Islam' on Google in 2011.

3. Quran

From all over the world, Pakistan was the number one location to search the word 'Quran' on Google - with Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore topping the first three spots respectively.

4. Education

Literacy rate still may not be that high in Pakistan, but it tops the list of countries searching for the word education' on Google during 2011.

5. English

Pakistan is once again on top, with Karachi and Lahore also topping the list of cities that searched for the word 'English'.

6. Scholarships

With Islamabad and Lahore on the fourth and fifth spot, Pakistan ranked on number five to search for the word 'scholarships during the year 2011'.

Apart from the above mentioned results, Pakistan also ranked as top country that searched the term 'Jobs' and 'Peace', seventh for searching 'Information Technology' and second for searching 'Physics' and 'Thesis'.

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Naeem | 8 years ago | Reply | Recommend

Pakistan tops all lists on pornographic content....

Ayesha | 8 years ago | Reply | Recommend

I think this is a very good article to show how things work at Google Trends. Because, as google said that the algorithms work in such a way that Pakistan may not "actually" be in the leading position for searching porn because the relatively very small number of people having access to the internet, yet the trends show it to be on the top because of the complicated "algorithms". so, in my opinion, same is the case with rest of these search terms. This articles is JUST a proof to show that we Pakistanis are NOT actually the top searching country for the word porn. Nothing more, nothing less !

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