APML Jalsa: We are nothing without Pakistan says Musharraf

Musharraf says his government helped the people of Sindh.

Express December 24, 2011


We have to think about Pakistan first, said former president Pervez Musharraf while expressing his concerns over the lawlessness, unemployment and inflation in the country. “We are nothing without our country.” He added that most of the national institutions in the country were on the brink of disaster.

While addressing a public meeting via telephone at Airport Road on Saturday, he said that the country was being threatened but the government was busy defaming the army and intelligence agencies.

He said that he wanted to remind Pakistan Muslim League-N Chief Nawaz Sharif and Sardar Attaullah Mengal that the jawans joined the army from all four provinces, not just Punjab. He asked Sharif not to politicise the army.

“We have to stand united and save Pakistan,” he said. “We will have to struggle and try hard to for development and prosperity.”

He added that he will be back in Pakistan in January 2012.

Sukkur barrage and floods

While commenting on the Sukkur barrage, he said that years of floods and neglect had made the barrage vulnerable.

He added that in 2005 and 2006 he had spent millions repairing the damage. “The people of Sindh should be thankful to the army for saving their barrage,” he said. “The Right Bank Outfall Drain was bringing in poisonous water from Punjab and Balochistan and releasing it in Manchaar Lake.

He added that this was causing severe damage and his government had tried to remedy the situation but did not have the funds to complete the project.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 25th, 2011.

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Laraib khan | 9 years ago | Reply

yes musharaf you come and change we need change

RAFIQ AHMAD | 9 years ago | Reply

I have gone through all your comments in favour of Imran Khan. No doubt he is an honest, capable enthusiastic person. And there is no doubt that if PTI comes into power Imran Khan will definitely prove himself a better leader for Pakistan than all the other politicians. Here I would fail in my duty if don’t express my feelings about former President Gen. Pervez Musharraf. I like him very much because I think his regime was the golden period of Pakistan so far as developments and progress of Pakistan and welfare of the people are concerned. He is an honest person, a great leader, a great administrator, very knowledgeable, brave and state forward person. Here is a brief comparison what was Pakistan’s economy in 1999 and what was in 2008 when Musharrraf Sahib left: 1. Gross Domestic product 1947 to 99 2000 to 07 (Size of Economy. $75 billion $160 Billion 2. Per Capita Income. $450/- $925/- 3. Revenue Collection. $350 Billion $708 Billion 4. Annual Development Budget. $080 “ $520 “ 5. Foreign Exchange Reserves. $ 0.7 “ $ 16.4 “ 6. Direct Foreign Investment $ 0.3 “ $ 8.5 “ 6. Export. $ 7.5 “ $ 18.6 “ 7. External Debts. $ 39 “ $ 40 “ 8. Currency Rate. $ 62/- $61/- 9. Karachi Stock Ex.100 Index. 1,200 Points 16,000 Points. 10. GDP Growth rate. 3.1%,2%. 5%,6%,8.4%

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