President Zardari's health improving

Spokesperson says, 'President Zardari's condition is stable, he is fine, he is OK.'

Afp December 08, 2011

President Asif Ali Zardari's health has been improving following a pre-diagnosed cardiovascular condition, a statement from President house read on Thursday.

Zardari was expected to undergo further tests in a Dubai hospital on Thursday after suffering a minor heart attack that forced allies to deny frenzied resignation rumours.

The statement quoted President's personal physician, Col. Salman that Zardari was recuperating with rest. "The President is stable, comfortable and is resting."

It added that tests so far had returned normal, "initial tests and investigations have been within normal range while further tests will be carried out," the statement read.

President Zardari was on Thursday spending a second day in a UAE bed while facing a major scandal over to what extent he was involved in alleged attempts by a close aide to seek US help to limit the power of Pakistan's military.

"President Zardari's condition is stable, he is fine, he is OK," presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar told AFP on Thursday.

Zardari has a long-standing heart condition and his admittance to hospital sparked fevered speculation in the media and on microblogging site Twitter that he may step down.

His aides have so far been unable to say when he will return home, after one member of the cabinet initially said he would go back to Islamabad on Thursday.

"It depends on the doctors, when he will be discharged. They will tell after receiving results of some more tests," Babar added.

He said Zardari's illness stems from a "pre-existing heart condition" and that the president has been fitted with stents. He reportedly suffered a minor heart attack six years ago.

Mustafa Khokhar, an adviser to the prime minister on human rights, told AFP that Zardari suffered a "minor heart attack" and underwent an angioplasty.


Zubair Shah | 10 years ago | Reply

Let’s all first pray for the speedy recovery and lasting health of the President of Pakistan as he is a blessing for the Pakistan. PPP leadership should also respectfully advise the President Zardari to reduce his working hours and take plenty of rest and recovery fully before again taking the full burden. The great man must be thinking hard about the plight and future of the nation and that must have taken its toll. For the last four years he has seen and endured enough personally and in his official affairs. The vicissitudes of times have tested him well and he has passed all the tests, but after all he is human and that is why he has suffered the stroke. I am quite amused to see some people making wild guesses about the President. He is alright now, perfectly alright and just recovering now. The media speculations and statements of political opponents regarding President Asif Ali Zardari’s illness are heartless and apathetic and cruel. All the speculations about President Asif Ali Zardari would end within two to three days when he will again land in Pakistan smiling and cheering.

Ahmad | 10 years ago | Reply

Mr. President: Please learn to trust your own people, especially doctors.

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