Washington attaches strings to military aid

American Senators unanimously approved an amendment aimed at blocking counterinsurgency aid to Pakistan.

Express December 02, 2011


Amid an increasingly souring relationship, the US Senate voted to attach strings to military aid to Pakistan while an independent think tank urged policymakers to continue ‘robust’ civilian assistance.

American Senators unanimously approved an amendment by Democratic Senator Bob Casey aimed at blocking counterinsurgency aid to Pakistan until Islamabad takes aggressive steps to curb the use of roadside bombs, blamed for the deaths of US soldiers in Afghanistan.

About half of all American casualties in Afghanistan in 2011 were attributed to Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), which, Washington alleges, are prepared across the border in Pakistan.

Think tank urges civilian assistance

An independent think tank on Wednesday, meanwhile, called for substantial mid-course changes to the Kerry-Lugar bill, which forms the bedrock of civilian assistance to Pakistan, “to fulfill its goals for both the US and Pakistan.”

“Writing Pakistan out of the American foreign policy script is simply not an option,” said Jane Harman, president of the Wilson Center, in a report released on Thursday.

The report concludes that a robust program of US civilian assistance to Pakistan serves important American interests. It urges Congress not to confuse security aid to the Pakistani military with economic assistance designed to shore up civilian government, address food, health, and energy shortfalls in Pakistan.

“We should not penalise Pakistan’s civilian sector because of our serious differences with its military and should live up to our pledge to provide Pakistan with economic assistance through 2014,” the report says.

“US assistance is not a Pakistani entitlement, however. American aid should augment, not replace, Pakistani funding,” the report adds. (With additional input from AFP)

Published in The Express Tribune, December 2nd, 2011.


Raj | 11 years ago | Reply Why attach strings??? Put a stop to this charade and suspend all forms of AID indefinately to this Nation, until such time as they come to their senses and start acting with sincererity !! The is the least US Taxpayers can expect from their Lawmakers in DC !!
You Said It | 11 years ago | Reply

@Xnain: I wonder if they even teach elementary logic and data-based decision making in Pakistani schools.

US will never spend a penny where it has no interest……Had it been, we would have seen a flood of aid in Africa. You'd do yourself a favor if you did a rudimentary amount of validation before you wrote. African nations account for 10 of the Top 20 countries to whom the US provides aid.

US aid can only be spent on US Weapons, Consultancy and stuff. Obviously not. Civilian aid outweighs military aid across the board. Again a rudimentary fact check on the USAID site/US Congress/wikipedia will tell you that.

They dont aid us, they aid themselves. Have you even seen the list of supported programs? US was the highest donor for the 2010 flood aid - how does that help the US and not Pak. This is ridiculous.

OBL has favored more US than Islam, btw have anyone seen the US recovering the body of OBL? is that a valid argument that they just dumped the body of most wanted man on earth in sea? these things don’t add up, just because Americans say this doesn’t make it a truth…… Now you've gone the deep end, into fantasyland with your conspiracy theories.

I am always a supporter for transparency in military and yes the commission on Abbottabad should be allowed an unrestricted operation but we should also have at least a look on the other side of the mirror Where's the report on the Pak intelligence failure that failed to detect OBL just a few hundred meters from the Pak Military Academy.

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