Pak-China relations not a threat to other nations: Kayani

Kayani says Pakistan has strategic relations with China, military exercise strengthens ties.

Express November 24, 2011

Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani said on Thursday that relations between China and Pakistan should not be taken as a threat to any other nation.

Speaking to the media during Pak-China joint military exercise near Jhelum, he said that Pakistan had strategic relations with China and that these exercises would further strengthen the ties between the two countries.

Kayani added that cooperation between the two countries would promote regional peace.

Peoples Liberation Army Deputy Chief General Hou Shusen, who was also present at the occasion, said that relations between the two countries were strengthening over the years.

Shusen added that such exercises were evidence of efforts made against terrorism in the region.

President confers Nishan-i-Imtiaz on Chinese general

President Asif Ali Zardari on Wednesday conferred Nishan-i-Imtiaz (military) upon General Shusen for promoting friendship between the two countries.

The president honoured Shusen at a special ceremony held at the President House in Islamabad.

Shusen also had a meeting with the president, along with his delegation and discussed matters relating to Pak-China bilateral relations and defence cooperation.

The president termed China as a factor of stability in the region and said that the convergence of interests and unanimity of views on bilateral, regional and international issues had brought the two countries closer.

He said that the transformation of political and strategic relations into an economic partnership would boost socio-economic development besides contributing towards regional stability.


Kulamarva Balakrishna | 10 years ago | Reply

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Kazmis | 10 years ago | Reply

@numbersnumbers: Just believe me what I am saying. However if you are interested this open secret was disclosed in all science channels. If further interested search the Agricultural research journals om (A research journals search Engine). China & Russia are afraid of this fact and this research were intentionally made public to make people realize what the actual position is. These parasite are thrown in frozen condition in the upper atmosphere from where they fall down and make way in the crops. Pakistani farmer are much familiar with AMERICAN SUNDI, in their crops. Every year a whole produce is lost in the farms either Banana, or Sugar cane or Cotton or Mangoes, one by one what to say when this may happen simultaneously. This year RCD meeting vividly discussed need for SEED Bank. Why?

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