Toxic liquor kills 13 at Khanewal wedding

Police arrested suspect involved in producing the illegal liquor.

Express November 24, 2011

KHANEWAL: At least 13 people died after taking poisonous liquor in a wedding ceremony in the Pirwala area of Khanewal district on Thursday, reported Express 24/7.

The intoxicated individuals were taken to a hospital by relatives, but two died enroute, while the rest died later in the hospital.

Police claim to have arrested the man involved in producing the illegal liquor.

Earlier this year, Multan Police had carried out raids on factories producing illegal liquor and rearrested several people who were released soon after their arrest using their contacts.

In October, 13 other people died after taking poisonous liquor during a gathering in Karachi. According to police officials, they all died after imbibing an excessive quantity of toxic liquor.


sajid | 10 years ago | Reply

well I live in a foreign country where alcohol is premitted. Neither me nor any of my musim friends ever went to purchase alcohol. I guess we have a strong faith which cannot be broken by looking at a couple of bottles of liquor. Why don't Pakistanis who promote themselves as the biggest saviours of Islam and whatnot allow the sale of alcohol if their faith is so strong I am sure all the liquor companies will never come here themselves because they know that no one is going to buy their merchandise here. Anyway Alcohol ban is just for show in Pakistan alcohol is readily available for the rich even for the middle class who want to obtain it.

Moise | 10 years ago | Reply

@JustAnotherPakistani: Maybe when my IQ reach single digit I will understand your rationale of finding back doors in laws.

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