Incest and abduction: Step father and his friends ‘rape’ woman

The victim went with her step father after he told her that her mother was ill, police registered case.

Kashif Zafar November 22, 2011


A man allegedly raped his step daughter with two of his friends Tuesday evening.

According to police officials, Chak No 118-P Khanpur resident Masooma Bibi said that she was living with her husband Faqeer Hussain in her house for several years. “My step father Rasheed Ahmed recently came to visit me and told me that my mother was very ill and wanted to see me,” she told police. “He asked me to come with him and we boarded a bus on Saturday night,” she said.

Masooma said that Ahmed didn’t take her to her village but rather boarded a bus for Chal No 65-P to his friend’s house. “He told me later that my mother was staying with a friend and that he was taking me there,” she said. “When we reached the house two of his friends were waiting inside and they told me that my mother was at the doctor’s clinic having a check up and I should wait,” she said. “After I sat down they suddenly grabbed me and tied me up,” she added.

Masooma Bibi said that Ahmed’s friends Naseer and Iman Khan had tied her down, gagged her and raped her. “All three of them raped me for an entire night,” she told police. Masooma said that she eventually managed to rid herself of the gag in her mouth and began to scream for help. “They all ran away but neighbours rushed in to help me,” she said.

“I found her tied to the door. We freed her and took her to the hospital and then the police station,” neighbour Ibrahim Shahzad said.

Locals in the area called Masooma’s husband and told him about the incident. Masooma Bibi told reporters that she had filed a case against her step father and his friends with the Air Port Police Station in Khanpur. “They registered my case but no one has arrested the men yet,” she said.

According to the ASI, Investigation Officer Maqsood Ahmed, the police had recorded the application and launched an FIR against the accused. “We have sent the victim for a medical test. We will arrest the accused after we have evidence from the DNA sample,” he said.

All names have been changed to protect the victim’s identity     

Published in The Express Tribune, November 23rd, 2011.


PostMan | 11 years ago | Reply

@Cynical: 1 - I did not pull out a 'sex slave' verse quotation - You did. So its your responsibility to put it in a proper context. 2 - I was not talking about insulting Quran - I was referring to your insult of the poor woman in the above case. 3 - And slaves cannot be used as sex objects. Thanks but no thanks regarding your assumptions about my reply. Peace.

Hiba Fatima | 11 years ago | Reply

Injustice at its finest. Those men should be hanged to death.

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