Eid blues: Excessive meat consumption lands hundreds in hospitals

Thee major hospitals of Rawalpindi received 368 patients on Eid day.

Sehrish Wasif November 10, 2011


The emergency wards of Rawalpindi’s three major hospitals remained unusually overcrowded during the three days of festivities associated with Eidul Azha.

On Eid day, 368 patients visited the emergency wards of Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH), Holy Family Hospital (HFH) District Headquarter Hospital (DHQ), with a majority complaining of digestive problems.

HFH’s Medical Registrar Dr Wajahat Hussain said that the influx of patients with digestive problems is due to excessive consumption of meat of sacrificial animals during Eid. He said that since Eid day, the three hospitals conducted 16 operations on patients with an inflammed gall bladder, a condition associated with an increased consumption of meat and spicy foods over a period.

Dr Hussain said that majority of the patients, mostly men, suffered from acidity caused due to overeating smoked meat. He explained that the free radicals in smoked meat cause toxity in the stomach, which disturbs the digestive system and causes acidity. During normal days people do not eat meat regularly but on Eidul Azha people start consuming meat excessively in all meals of the day, he added. He advised people to avoid consuming large amounts of meat and to take antioxidants such as green tea. He also urged people to reduce their consumption of species as that would significantly reduce complaints of heartburn and ulcers among patients.

According to data collected from the hospitals, the sudden surge of patients with digestive issues subsided over the next two days of Eid, with 183 and 131 patients visiting the three hospitals on the second and third day respectively. A total of 118 patients with digestive problems visited the HFH’s emergency ward on the first day of Eid, followed by 174 patients in BBH and 76 in DHQ. On the second day, 62 patients visited the emergency ward of HFH, 56 in BBH and 65 in DHQ. While on the third day HFH received 48 such patients, 38 in BBH and 45 in DHQ.

Dr Hussain, however, said that a substantial number of of the patients that visited the hospital were obese and had very high cholesterol levels, while the elderly patients had a history of stomach related issues such as gastric ulcers or gallstones.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 10th, 2011.


grinz09 | 10 years ago | Reply

Amazing consuption of meat while millions can't have one square meal a day!

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