Jamaatud Dawa to protest against India's MFN status

JuD announ­ces countr­ywide protes­ts and black days if India is grante­d Most Favour­ed Nation by Pakist­an.

Owais Jafri November 09, 2011

Religious organisation Jamaatud Dawa on Wednesday announced organising countrywide protests and marking Fridays as black days if the Pakistani government opts to grant the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to India.

Jamaatud Dawa calls itself a charity group and denies having anything to do with militancy, but many of its leaders and workers were formerly part of banned group Lashkar-i-Taiba (LT)

The leadership of the party blamed the government for not showing sympathy for the people of Kashmir and claimed that it has no right to declare India as MFN without the approval of the people of Kashmir.

“The peace in the region is related to the peace in Kashmir, not by building terms of friendship with India and increasing economical relations with India. Our government has been preferring destruction. If they have to do so, they had to declare it in their mandate,” the party said.

Ameer Hamza, a top party leader, said that it was Mohammad Ali Jinnah who had a vision about Kashmir and its importance for the people of Pakistan.

He said that the government has bargained nothing with India over granting the MFN status to it, as the armed forces of India will still hold their same positions on the borders.

“Their (Indian army’s) brutalism and barbarism is harsher in occupied Kashmir but our government is silent.”

“If India can give freedom to the people of Kashmir and will leave it, then India would be MFN not only for us but for the whole Muslim ummah and nations of the world,” Hamza added.

Earlier, a hardline Kashmiri leader also rejected the MFN status saying that Pakistanis should compel their government to take back their decision. Leaders in the Indian-administered Kashmir rejected the deal saying it was being done under pressure from the United States.

Pakistan’s cabinet last week announced that it had approved a proposal for normalising trade relations between the two neighbours and the eventual granting of the MFN status to India.


hedgefunder | 9 years ago | Reply

@muslim: What happened to those rights of Kashmiris to self determination, when Pakistan sold a chunk of their land to China???? Rest assure this MFN is really an negligible item, as India has moved on in last 16 years since it granted the same status to Pakistan, while its taken Pakistan that long to make an decision !!!!

muslim | 9 years ago | Reply

all those who are speaking against JuD and his protests must make themselves with history of ind-pak relations. the must know that Pakistan during Musharraf regime went 'out-of-box' and showed historical flexibility but despite all those moves India didn't move even an inch from its traditional stance over kashmir and did not even remove its most controversial use of force act implemented in India held kashmir. why these all of my fellows don't see Indian grave violation of Indus Water Treaty and converting pakistan's water and construction of dozens of dam in an effort to turn Pakistan into barren desert??? this is fact acknowledged by international organizations. then if jamat ud dawa demands kashmiris right of self determination according to UN resolution then whats wrong?? but india not only calls but its part of indian constitution that kashmir its 'integral part' (atu'ang).....people who comment on this news don't know what havoc will this granting of MFN status wreak to pakistan's economy. then india is not ready to remove its tariff and non-tariff barriers and is not supporting Pakistan in EU. those who say that pakistan always orchestrates terrorism against must recall the indians attack on samjhota express and according to one their person's confession statement a serving col. of indian Army was the mastermind of that myham. i request all those who just blindly comment must remain unbiased and keep the fact in front.

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