Women stage anti-India rally in Muzaffarabad

Published: July 18, 2010
Women chant slogans outside the press club in Muzaffarabad. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Women chant slogans outside the press club in Muzaffarabad. PHOTO: EXPRESS

MUZAFFARABAD: Irked by the continuing Indian aggression against protesters in restive Kashmir, hundreds of women from refugee camps and surrounding localities staged a rare protest rally against India at the District Headquarters Complex on Saturday.

Hundreds of women gathered at the Central Press Club, located in the complex, where they held a “solidarity conference” organised by the Kashmir Liberation to condemn the massive human rights violations by Indian forces in Jammu and Kashmir.

Women speakers including Deputy Speaker Legislative Assembly Mehr-un-Nasa and State Minister Shama Malik urged the government of Pakistan to file a war crime suit against India in the International Court of Justice for the massacre of innocent Kashmiris.

“Pakistan must give up their apologetic behaviour on the Kashmir dispute and adopt an aggressive attitude instead,” protestors urged in a resolution adopted at the conference.

The moot also expressed solidarity with the people of Pakistan who have been facing what they called “Indian-backed terrorism”. They also demanded that the UN take notice of the worsening situation and implement security council resolutions on Kashmir.

The conference urged the UN, US and other countries to take notice of the Indian state terrorism against the innocent population struggling for their right to self-determination that was promised to them by the UN 61 years ago and was also accepted by India and Pakistan.

Through another resolution they resolved to continue the struggle for the liberation of Kashmir and to give every sacrifice for the cause.

“We the refugees and settlers hereby declare that we will continue offering sacrifices till the liberation of our motherland and its accession with Pakistan,” they vowed.

The protesting women marched to the camp office of the UN Military Observer Group for India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) while shouting “Go India go back, we want freedom”, and  handed over a protest memorandum to UN military observers demanding the withdrawal of Indian forces from Kashmir and an immediate halt to the killing of innocents.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 18th, 2010.

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Reader Comments (2)

  • Premsingh Kannolli
    Jul 18, 2010 - 12:59PM

    Kasmiri’s shall note first that all human being are one and the same. You (Kasmiri)should know the earth belongs one and all.Do you know before Indendance i.e 15th Aug 1947 how many Hindus were there in Jammu & Kasmir. Can they tell us what is their strength now.Can they figure out number of Hindus killed by Muslim of Jammu & Kasmiri’s. How many of Hindu Kasmiri’s still living in refugees camp.Don’t try to malign the situation. Try to live peacefully and make let others live. As of now your freedom is saved.But you made Hindus to depart their mother land Jammu & Kasmir. All other than J&K people,show sympathy towards these orphanage Hindus but none including P. M. of India dare to help them. Now a days a strong man needed in the world and strong decision needed to maintain world to live peacefully. Can I raise to that occasion. Let the people decide.
    Thank you sir.
    Yours Premsingh Narsingh Kannolli. INDIA. Recommend

  • rekha chauhan
    Jul 18, 2010 - 2:22PM

    i would like to say , stop blaming each other like a child. understand that we are human being and shares the same needs. what is india and what is pkistan , what is hindu and what is muslim, just stop the stupid fight and protect your countries before we again turn into slaves ,like we were before 1947..
    please save your countries.Recommend

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