US calls for ISI assistance in peace talks with Haqqanis

US aims to end the war in Afghanistan by its renewed approach, "Fight, Talk, Build."

Express October 31, 2011

In the aftermath of accusing the Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) of having clandestine ties with the Haqqani network, the United States (US) has asked for its assistance in initiating peace talks with the group.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wants the ISI to launch reconciliation talks, which she has termed as “Fight, Talk, Build”, the New York Times has reported.

The US aimed to end the war in Afghanistan by its renewed approach.

NYT reports that there are some elements in the ISI that are not moved by the approach to force dialogue because they might lose influence in Afghanistan, as the US is planning to withdraw troops from the region.

A senior American official termed Pakistan’s stance as “Cease-fire, Talk, Wait for the Americans to Leave”.

A former top White House aide on Pakistan and Afghanistan Shamila N. Chaudhary said:
The big question for the administration is, what can the Pakistanis actually deliver? Pakistan is holding its cards very closely.

However, senior Pakistani officials remain confused by US plans in Afghanistan after it offered Pakistan to have a prominent position in the reconciliation, but at the same time warned Pakistan of unilateral action if talks fall flat on the negotiation table.

Clinton’s take on the issue also surges confusion as she presses for talks and asks Pakistan to “squeeze Haqqanis.”

She said:
We want to fight, talk and build all at the same time. Part of the reason for that is to test whether these organizations have any willingness to negotiate in good faith.


ayub | 10 years ago | Reply

when some one or some group of people fight for there right like taliban no one can defeat can,t say they are terrorist.fristly see that what the people are demanding.whenever you try to interfering other international issues whether they are muslim or not you will lost by your valoue, economic position and respect in the world eye,s.if america stay more in afghanistan, china will became super power soon.we can say china is power now

Jan | 10 years ago | Reply

If the United States with all its military might and technology could not control Afghanistan and control the terrorists I think its VERY unrealistic to assume that Pakistan will be able to live up top America's expectations. its unfair to use Pakistan as a scape goat for U.S failures in Afghanistan. America has failed on every front on war against terrorism just as they did on war on drugs.

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