Foreign assets case: Don't confine probe to political parties, says CJ

CJP tells petitioner he cannot summon foreign parties to assist probe.

Faisal Shakeel October 31, 2011

ISLAMABAD: The Chief Justice of Pakistan on Monday said that the court cannot summon those listed as parties in the foreign assets case unless specific information is provided by the petitioner.

The CJP Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry made these remarks during the hearing of the case regarding foreign assets of civil and military officers.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court said it would hear the petition regarding foreign assets and formed a larger bench to conduct the hearing today (Monday).

The petition was filed in the apex court by former Information Minister Mohammad Ali Durrani. The petition states that certain Pakistani civilian and military officials, politicians and businessmen have made money through illegal means and subsequently laundered it to Switzerland and other countries.

The Supreme Court in today’s hearing directed the petitioner to amend the petition to make it more relevant.

The chief justice told the petitioner that the court cannot invoke foreign parties to assist in the investigation, as the petition had suggested.

"We are a sovereign state,” the chief justice told the petitioner. “We can't invite anyone from abroad to help us out.”

He also told the petitioner that he should not confine his allegations to political parties, adding that the flight of capital to specific countries must be ascertained.

"You have mentioned PPP, PML-N, MQM and PML-Q. We can't summon everyonme," the chief justice said.

The court has now adjourned the hearing for two weeks and ordered the petitioner to file new papers.


A.A.SHEIKH | 9 years ago | Reply The system of accountability is in the doldrums and has never been pursued invigoratingly by any of the governments in Pakistan for protection of the vested interests of the ruling cliche.If we are to folow the true spirit of accountability then we would have to flow the Nizam of Hazrat Umar RAH who commanded 33 lacs square miles of land and administered justice.We need the rule of Justice and Not the rule of Law as panacea of all our evils. Merely lips service shall be of no use to serve the cause of wide spread resentment utter chaos killings and suicides in Pakistan .Better late than never Otherwise we would suffer the same fate as the Libyan Tunisian Ane Egyptian revolution of 2011 and even beyond that the uprisings further bring down the present set up which is demanding an early revolution by mass scale extermination on the Russian and Chinese revolution pattern and of late the Iranian Revolution-We need a Honest dictatorship to lead us to empowerment of people.Regards and Best wishes
Mohammad Ali Siddiqui | 9 years ago | Reply

It is the duty of the newly appointed Chairman of NAB to assist the Supreme Court of Pakistan and provide a list of such people who have transferred the country’s wealth and have purchased assets in foreign countries.

The accountability should be across the board and no leniency should be made. The job of Chairman NAB will not be finished when the country’s wealth will be deposited in governments account, but these people should also be severely punished to teach lesson for the other people.

When all the illegally transferred wealth will arrive in Pakistan, the government should pay off the loans back to the borrowers and only then Pakistan will be able to make a balanced foreign policy based on equality.

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