Lawyers offer funeral prayers for Qaddafi in Lahore

Former SCBA secretary Raja Zulqarnain says Qaddafi was a dear friend of Pakistan.

Express October 25, 2011
Lawyers offer funeral prayers for Qaddafi in Lahore

LAHORE: About 20 lawyers offered funeral prayers in absentia for Moammar Qaddafi at the GPO Chowk outside Lahore High Court on Tuesday.

Lawyers present during the funeral prayers belonged to the Lawyers and Civil Society Coordination Forum.

Former secretary of Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Raja Zulqarnain, who was present there to pay respects to the slain strongman said, “Qaddafi was a dear friend of Pakistan.”

“We believe he was martyred while fighting the colonial US and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) forces.

Earlier today, Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC) buried Moammar Qaddafi at an unknown location at dawn, Al Jazeera television said, quoting a source in the council.

Transitional government forces had put the body on show in a cold store in Misrata while they argued over what to do with it, until its decay forced them Monday to end the display.


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