PML-N's politics will not succeed, government working satisfactory: Gilani

If any one has proof of corruption, approach the court, efforts to discredit government will not work, says Gilani.

October 15, 2011

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Yusaf Raza Gilani said that the PML-N was working very hard to bring down the Pakistan People’s Party led government before the senate elections next year, and expressed his satisfaction over the workings of the government.

"There are all indications that PPP will emerge as a single largest party in the Senate after March elections with its coalition partners, and they (the PML-N leaders) want the fall of government before March by hook or by crook," Gilani said while giving an interview to a private news channel. He further said that if anyone in the opposition had proof of corruption by the government, they could approach the independent courts and initiate cases.

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He said the people were the true judge to judge the performance of government and they would speak through the next general elections.

Calling the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz group’s (PML-N) brand of politics as an abandonment of ‘politics of principles’, Gilani said that the tactics of public agitation, threats of resigning en-bloc from the parliament and accepting turn-coats as forward blocs was neither being supported by the public nor by members within the PML-N.

He said the agitational politics and threats did not suit any mature and national level politician.

Prime Minister Gilani, in response to a question, described the government's policy of reconciliation as a "source of strength" , due to which, he said, the PPP achieved various milestones during  last over three years, which were not achieved by any past
government even with two-third majority.

The Prime Minister also rejected the PML-N's claim of getting judges restored through a long-march and added that all the political forces, including Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, and civil society staged protest rallies for the restoration of judges, but they were not restored.

However, it was only due to democracy and the democratic government that judges were restored, he said and recalled, "When I was elected Leader of the House in the National Assembly, I ordered the release of judges."

To a question on the removal of bar on becoming third-time Prime Minister through 18th Constitutional Amendment, which benefitted Mian Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister said PPP did it for the restoration of Constitution and also fulfilled the commitment of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto.

In reply to another question, the Prime Minister said the Seraiki Province would become a reality as it was not only genuinely required but was also the demand of the people of that area.

Economy and the energy crisis

About economic problems, the Prime Minister said global recession, war on terrorism and floods had adversely impacted the national economy. He said that all public sector organisations were being restructured with independent boards.

Gilani said that Pakistan Railways was also being restructured and in that respect the State Bank Governor would finalise recommendations very soon.

With regards to the power crisis, he said that an intensive study on loadshedding had been conducted and recommendations of Cabinet Committee in light of that study would be implemented which would bring about an improvement in loadshedding.

The Prime Minister said the government was working on various power sector projects to address the energy issue and referred to the recent inauguration of Mangla Dam raising project. He said the ground-breaking of Diamer Bhasha Dam would be held very soon and added those projects would help address the energy issue.

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With regards to the mega Kalabagh Dam project, Gilani said if a national consensus could be reached on the subject, the government would have no problem in moving ahead on that project.

On the issue of two holidays, he said the government took the decision in the national interest.
Foreign policy

On foreign policy issues, the Prime Minister said Pakistan was a responsible nuclear powered nation. He said, "we have to act gracefully and maturely. We have acted very maturely."

Gilani said that the resolution of the all parties conference (APC) had given a very good message to the international community. He further said that concerns had been raised and negative messages had also been discussed gracefully with the United States following which relations between the two allies were moving in the right direction.

The Prime Minister said there had been realisation in the United States about Pakistan's sacrifices and the role of ISI (Inter-Service Intelligence).

He said that the foreign offices of both US and Pakistan were working to normalise ties.

To another question, the Prime Minister said both India and Afghanistan were sovereign countries and "we cannot interfere in their bilateral relations," he said of the recent visit Afghan President Hamid Karzai had undertaken to India.

Pakistan a part of solution of Afghanistan

Gilani said Pakistan was a part of solution and not the problem and like the US, wanted a prosperous, stable and peaceful Afghanistan.

The prime minister said that since 2008, Pakistan had started its 3Ds policy (dialogue, development and deterrence) and now they had realised that dialogue was the most important element.


Ahmer Ali | 9 years ago | Reply

Assalam-o-Allaikum Warahmatullah.PM is right because PML-N's,PML-Q's,MQM's and PPPP's hidden political diplomacy and policies are to complete the 5-year tenure and apparently oppose each others policies and government's setup in National Assembly and Parliament just verbally without harming each others practically.

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