Govt responsible for power crisis: Nawaz Sharif

PML-N chief says no cases of corruption or mismanagement in Punjab.

Owais Jafri October 04, 2011

MULTAN: Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif said on Tuesday that the federal government was involved and directly responsible for the power crisis that has hit the country.

Sharif was speaking to the media in Bahawalpur after condoling the death of PML-N MPA Mumtaz Jajja, who had died due to dengue fever in Lahore.

He said the government had to “face the music” and should face punishment by the public for creating a crisis.

The PML-N chief had earlier directed the party to support street protests.

The surge in prolonged loadshedding has disrupted life in many cities as load shedding has crossed 12 hours in Southern Punjab.

Sharif said that the government of Punjab was the only one working for the people of Pakistan.

“We have eradicated corruption and nepotism in Punjab,” he said. “I do not find anyone more competent and patriotic than Shahbaz Sharif for resolving the problems of the people of Pakistan.”

He said were no cases of corruption or mismanagement in Punjab, and that stern notice had been taken if any cases had come up.

“We have decided to promote a merit based accountability system free of corruption and nepotism in Pakistan,” said the PML-N chief.

Commenting on the statement made by Admiral Mike Mullen leveling allegations against the Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI), Sharif said that is was nothing more than a mere statement that the US official had made to enhance his status before his people.


Hamid Bin Asim | 11 years ago | Reply What Mian Nawaz Sharif is doing is all political gimmicks aimed at earning cheap popularity. I have always wondered whether we are an evil people by nature. Who is the person (s) that comes up with these half-baked, hair-brained “ideas”? Who are the ones that fall for it? And it not that it stops after we have been humiliated. We just come up with some new half-cocked “idea”. I mean you would think that after the Yellow Cabs actually bankrupted the nation and sent us scurrying off to the IMF we would never mention the words again. But Nawaz Sharif, later mercifully out of a job, vowed to launch a project of yellow tractors when he returned. And of course we have the Yellow Cab scheme back in the Punjab. To create jobs, I am told @ how many lacks per person? Is this the only way we can create jobs? Why not employ people to pick up trash? Paint schools and hospitals? No forget it. They will probably dilute the paint. Bad idea.
Ali Hassan | 11 years ago | Reply

Response Once again PML-N chief is getting insane and seems impatient to enter in the corridors of power as he started giving calls for street protests. Mr Sharif was of the view that the problems being faced by Pakistan could only be resolved if current government is removed. For quite some time, members of the PML-N had been involved in character assassination of President as per there party policy. It is hilarious that on one hand Mian Nawaz Sharif claims that he would not pose any threat to democratic process while on the other hand he trying to derail democracy by threatening of street protests. One thins another is most interesting that Nawaz Sharif is asking his workers to carry out protests while Chotay Mian Sahib is carrying out batten charge on protestors. Pakistani people are much more sensible and realize the problems country facing at this epoch of history and all these goons storming Wapda offices and police stations are workers of PML-N. Why doesn’t Mian Sahib become a part of solution rather than becoming a part of problem? Every one knows that country is facing gigantic challenges which can not be resolved by mere issuing derogatory statements or holding mid-term polls but coordinated joint efforts with a strong democracy.

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