Terror threat: Police recovers 80kgs of explosives

Police recover cylinders from two different cars from outskirts of capital.

Umer Nangiana September 29, 2011


Islamabad police’s anti-car lifting cell recovered gas cylinders containing around 80 kilogrammes of chemicals that could be used as high-intensity explosives.

The powdered chemicals, aluminum perchlorate, were concealed in 10 cylinders, the size and shape of fire extinguishers. Police officials recovered the cylinders from two different cars from the outskirts of the capital.

The cars were later found to be stolen and two suspects arrested were identified as professional carjackers with a criminal record in various police stations in the twin cities.

Police officials interrogating the suspects said some terrorist group was using the explosives and could be planning to bomb some sensitive installation in the twin cities.

“It appears that some people were bringing explosives into the city and were using carjackers to transport them,” said a police officer.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 29th, 2011.


Pulsive | 10 years ago | Reply

For These Terrorist : Capture Plan:

1.BAN all Legal or Illegal religious Outfits for doing any Public address at-least for 2 Years. 2.Regularise the Muslim Centres and Monitor with Intelligence each private run intitute who can brainwash the children. 3 Make education Free and Create some Jobs or Skilled Oppertunities for poor families. 4.JOB Quota should be placed 25% for poor Youngsters in army recruitment for 3 Years.So that poor families get away from religious fundamentalism. (these days at more risk). 5.Army Should press Govt to engage in less corruption so that we could afford Bulletr proof jackets for all Security personal s. 6. Unwarranted Search Operations should be Conducted. 7 Kick out the Old Criminal Police Officers (who get money to play with the system).recruit New. 8.Surveillance Training and equipment should be taken from MI5 Britian. (They are the best in theit Results). 9. Civilians should be contacted at low level to give the secret information for each house in every town. 10. BAN Burka for ladies (for 2 Years only for Security Reasons) (Suicide Protection).

Please If you want to save Pakistan. Please Save Economy and Kick out Criminals in Ministries and Police system and implement these laws Shoot at SIGHT (NOT life Taking Shooting at Legs etc) So that Police doesnot get benefirt to kill civilians. Strict Laws for Police fake cases should be in place. They are half terrorist themselves Karachi and Punjab is an Example .

Political Analyst | 10 years ago | Reply

The cars were found near F10 and F11 ... People should be aware of the surroundings and keep a keen eye on people doing suspecious activities.


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