Twitter Alert: Fear & loathing over DHA blast

Blast occurred outside house of Senior Superintendent of Police Crime Investigation Department Chaudhry Aslam.

Sidrah Moiz September 19, 2011

KARACHI: A bomb blast took place in the Defence Housing Authority area of Karachi, leaving eight dead and several others injured. Terrorists targeted the residence of senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Crime Investigation Department (CID) Chaudhry Aslam.

Local Twitterati tweeted their grief and horror over the incident, with most expressing fear that it occurred in an area where schools are located.

Jehan Ara

If there are any elements within the bureaucracy that support the TTP, they need to open their eyes and see what they are supporting.

An attack in K-P, in Balochistan, Punjab, Kashmir or in Sindh is an attack on all of us. The government needs to ensure this cancer is uprooted.

Anyone who does not speak up against the Taliban actually lends credence to each attack. All voices should be raised against their brutalities.

Raza Rumi

In #Pakistan powerful terrorists roam around with explosives in urban areas with no checking. Seems that 'intelligence' systems have collapsed!

Pakistan's Taliban carried out the bombing and have claimed the police official had arrested and killed many of its fighters! I am waiting for denials.

Sana Kazmi

TTP saying they did it. Schools in the blast area will stay on, parents asked to pick up their kids at the regular chutti time. #karachi

Dr Awab Alvi

We used to joke that having the SSP next door could easily be a blessing or a curse –theory proven today @faisalkapadia #Karachi

Khaver Siddiqi

Not a good day to be tweeting about anything else. Thoughts and prayers with familes of victims. #karachi

I'm in Phase 5 and even our windows shuddered. #karachi

AK Chisti

A whopping 10,000 civilians had been killed in #Karachi since 2002 in ethical, political, sectarian blasts by TTP.

More than 3,000 police officers had laid down their lives in #Karachi since 1995.

Salma Jafri

Karachi moms on Facebook talking about how scared they are feeling sending their kids to school :-(

Trying to explain to my 4-year old – who has just woken up – why it’s not safe to go to school. #Karachi

Sabeen Mahmud

The school teacher, who was killed, worked at Washington International School. Always used to reach early. Colleague of my mother's student.

Her son was in Class 3; a lovely, bright, friendly and energetic child.

Beena Sarwar

Blast was more powerful than needed to target just SSP's home: 6-10 feet crater, nearby cars, houses damaged, and massive sound @MadihaSattar


One schoolteacher and her son were killed, seven others dead. Awful.

Sahar Habib Ghazi

Freaking out. My cousin goes to CAS. No one from his family is picking up their phones. How far was the blast site? #karachi #blast

Umair javed

Constant reminder that the blast was in a 'posh' ilaaqa ...

Komal Tauqeer

@beenasarwar Exactly! The situation is appalling. An interrogation house in the middle of a school area? What were they thinking?

Faisal Qureshi

Whenever there is an incidence we have stories to share. But we forget and move on. We don't come together and try to influence policy.

Don't sit and wait for your turn. Speak now while you can or prepare to be silenced in silence. You can't keep running away.

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huma | 10 years ago | Reply

For the poll above: u think restricting law enforcers,police to their enclaves is really a solution?who r u kidding? A minister,politicians aren't as dangerous as the rest of them?try coming up with a genuine solution .and for ur info: if they can get into ur bases then they can get anywhere they want.

Bangash | 10 years ago | Reply

Strategic depth is paying so much dividends.

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